Thursday, January 29, 2015

Seven Reasons To Go See American Sniper.

Even if something's wrong with you and you're not a fan of Chris Kyle, Navy SEALs, the U.S. Military, Clint Eastwood or America, there are still seven great reasons to go to the theater and plunk down your money to watch American Sniper.

Michael Moore hates it. (Well Duh. If it's pro-America, America's fattest hypocrite anti-capitalist millionaire is gonna hate it. But still..)

Seth Rogen hates it. (As if a guy who is only famous for playing sexually-frustrated potheads in cheesy movies really counts...)

Alec Baldwin hates it. (Actually I suspect that he just chimed in to get another fifteen minutes of fame, lest we all forget who this annoying elitist is.)

Bill Maher hates it. (I guess he's trying to show us that he's got more to say than just calling Sarah Palin the "C word".)

Russell Brand hates it. (Can anyone even tell me who this faggy Brit that looks like he gets his mail sent to a dumpster is?)

MSNBC hates it. (Not really surprising. MSNBC makes Al Jazeera look like Stars and Stripes.)

Jesse Ventura hates it. (Why? Because Chris Kyle kicked his America-hating ass, that's why!)

I plan to see it this week-end, but frankly, if that many top-tier gold-plated douchebags hate something, I can't help but like it, even sight unseen. Granted, I'm sure that much of their loathing comes from the fact that none of them can walk by a mirror without seeing the guy who is too much of a pansy to ever do the things that Kyle did, and that's got to sting.


  1. Spot on. Incredibly, Whoopi Goldberg likes it. Go figure. Haven't seen it yet, either, but want to.

  2. Liberals....the only ones who would trash a man who can't defend himself. God bless, Chris Kyle.

  3. +1 on Lauren... sigh

  4. I generally wait until things come out on DVD but this post does remind me that every person who goes to see this movie is an irritant to those on your list. Which is a good thing.

  5. Haven't been in a movie theater since 1997 but will go see this one just to give a finger to the trash.

  6. Saw it the day after it released at the afternoon matinee. Like Well Seasoned, it has been decades since I set foot in a theater (1979: 1st Star Trek).

    Won't give you any spoilers, but prepare to be moved by this film. I've read both his books twice (I'm strange like that, I'll read 'em over and over if I really like a book) and while it is an excellent movie, it is a bit different from the book as it revealed more about the man. I didn't think I could possibly feel more respect for him, but after the movie, I did.

    I have never been in a movie theater that was so quiet during a film. It was like being in church during the sermon; absolute silence. Maybe because my dusty border town has a large military presence, both active and retired, or maybe out of respect. Whatever it as, it was unlike any movie theater I've been in.

    Bradley Cooper is phenomenal in the role. He is Chris both in looks and speech. Having seen a few of Chris's interviews, i was amazed at how well he nailed the accent (yea, we Texans talk like Texans. All y'all talk funny).

    Not a spoiler, but a warning: take a few tissues. You're gonna need them at the end.

  7. The wife and I are planning on seeing it either Friday or Saturday.

  8. Anonymous8:17 PM

    It is on my to see list

  9. I tis a great movie, for some of us Desert Storm vets, a little too close to home, but otherwise great.