Tuesday, January 06, 2015

We got snow...and Belle got busted.

Just a couple of inches here, but it's a blessing in that this morning, as I was sitting in my home office looking out at the woods, only to see Belle trot past the window. After recovering her, I went outside into the dogs' run and was able to find her latest escape hatch courtesy of the tracks in the new snow. And this one was a beauty. Belle had found the one spot where the fence wasn't tight to the ground and she's been able to push it out a few inches and slither under. And once she's gone, the fence goes back to it's original position and you can't tell by looking at it that it moves. I've walked by that section countless times trying to find out how she's been getting out, and if it wasn't for the fresh snow, I'd still be wondering.

A couple of stakes and a few big rocks will fix this problem. Gotta hand it to her though--she's good to have found that spot. She must have gone along the fence line probing every section until she discovered that one weak spot.

I'm going to have to start calling her "Little X".

"Curses. Foiled again."


  1. Aw..puppy looks happy. We got 4 inches. Schools closed. Dangist thing here in the near south. In Wyoming, school doesn't get closed for anything, not even three feet in one day. LOL

  2. ...i saw a movie like this once...except instead of a dog, it was velociraptors.

    clever girl.

  3. Hoist on her own petard there... :-)