Tuesday, February 03, 2015

That's not Chili--it's tear gas with beef!

A coupe of spoonfuls makes you sweat, and a good whiff brings tears to your eyes and clears your sinuses. But day-um, it is GOOD!

Made a large pot of it last night, and it will be lunch and dinner for a couple of days until it's gone.

I need to treat myself right like this more often.


  1. I will forgive you for your incorrect name of that concoction.

    That is NOT chili !! That is stew. Chili does not have BEANS!! (Someone would think you were from somewhere back east).

    REAL chili has meat, tomatoes, peppers, more peppers, various spices.....BUT NO BEANS!! Plus, prepared properly, none of the ingredients are recognizable.

    I invite you to the next International Chili Cook-Off, November 5th, in Terlingua, Texas. Once you sample REAL chili, you will be at the gates of heaven.

    Oh yeah, enjoy your stew.

  2. Something I forgot to mention. Here in Texas, we use deer and feral hog meat for our stew. Come on down. Bring your furry running buddies.

    We will head out to East Texas and procure you some hog. Genuine chili recipe will be offered for free.

  3. What JPD said! No Beans! (Although I sometimes add them to the pot, I just don't call it Chili. And don't even get me started on that stuff they serve in Cincinnati over pasta)

  4. BEANS? sacrilege, turn in your man card.

  5. Whatever you call it, it looks good. And don't even get me started on that diminutive little Texas and its dreams of grandeur.

    Alaskans can say that, ya know. :)

    1. And they're the ONLY ones who can!

  6. C'mon boys, the title clearly states "That's not Chili--it's tear gas with beef!"

    Geez, you Texicans...

  7. Heh. I make an outstanding vegen chili with kale that is by far my favorite chili recipe.

  8. Anonymous4:07 PM

    Chili HAS beans. It is Chili con Carne (with meat) as meat is the second ingredient.....

  9. It's actually Beef and Beans which isn't a stew and properly done is and outstanding meal. And yes I grew up on the stuff and we called it chili. When I grew older I learned the difference between real chili and what I called chili. Bottom line I liked them both and continue to call both chili. For those purest who beg to defer...sure....

  10. Hey Murphy,

    Man your stew does look good.....If you want entertainment...eat a bunch, then "crop dust the crew"...and see what they do.........Will make up for the counter-surfing and getting out from under the fence.

  11. Heh! Hey, I could start a fight with NC eastern vs. NC western vs. SC BBQ vs. Texas BBQ. Don't let them bother ya Murph! Looks good =)

  12. "Tear gas with beef"- My kind of chilli!

  13. OK, let's straighten this thing out.

    Frank X. Tolbert and Wick Fowler, the patron saints of all things [Texas] chili, were both legendary Texas newspapermen. The competition that they founded specifically forbids beans in chili.

    On the other hand, William Fredrick Gebhardt's, and Lyman T. Davis' (creator of Wolf Brand) - Texans predating newsmen Tolbert and Fowler by decades - respective brands both offered variations of their recipes with beans.

    I've called Texas home since 1967. And I've been taken to task for the heresy of putting beans in my chili. So, if'n I'm making chili for a contest - well, no beans. But if I'm making it for my own enjoyment, then, in the words of another Texan, Carroll Shelby: "It's what you want when you make it. You can put in anything you feel like at the time...make it one way one time, another time, a little different. Make it up to suit your mood."

    Accordingly, the batch I made yesterday featured diced chicken breasts, my own 12 (give or take) secret herbs and spices, fresh puréed tomatoes, chili beans, AND frijoles negros, slow cooked for about 4 hours, with no added water.

    With last week's 70 degree weather having been replaced with dang near freezing temperatures this week (OK, probably no sympathy from the Rev, Aaron, or ML), it was a damn fine respite.

    Heck, I might even mix it with some macaroni to stretch it a couple more days...

  14. Anonymous1:26 AM

    Tear Gas with beef sounds like a new biological weapon