Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Feds retreat on proposed M855 Ammo ban

For once, the public servants listened when the public spoke in objection to something that they wanted to do.

ATF shelves controversial bullet ban proposal

They reportedly heard from 52 senators and 238 House members and over 80,000 citizens on this issue, and even law enforcement groups said that they didn't call for, approve of or see a need for this attempt to ban a fairly large percentage of the available cheap surplus ammunition for AR-15 rifles.

Of course the Justice Department will have the final say, but I doubt that Obama wants to see that decision made so close to his own desk. We all know that he hates gun owners and wants to get even with a group of people that he believes don't support him, but he likes to swipe at the citizens who he views as his enemies from behind the facade of the bureaucracy, and in this instance, the bureaucracy isn't willing to play ball and take the blame in the face of this populace outrage.

Take a look at the list of House and Senate members who weighed in on our behalf, and if yours are among the signatories, send them a nice thank you letter. And if yours are not...remember next November

A win for everyone, except Obama and the greedy speculators who sucked every round of this stuff off the market and have been trying to flip it at a dollar a round or more.

Note to WV voters: Senator Shelley Moore Capito signed the letter, as did Representative Alex Mooney.
Senator Joe Manchin, the guy who ran as "pro-gun", did not.


  1. Heh... THIS time they got caught... Next time??? Who knows

  2. ....sigh....

    I still don't own an AR type rifle.....

    Maybe when I sell some of the old radio stuff I've got I'll get one.

    Kinda hard to stop a Bad Guy with a 1965 Heathkit receiver!

    1. Ruger AR-556. Or the S&W M&P 15 Sport. Just sayin'. Great, low(er) cost ways to get your feet wet.

      Then mags, ammo, training.

      Or.... you could hit 'em with the bloody great mike Hams used to use. ;)

    2. Oh, I'll get one. Just haven't done it yet.

      The best microphone for bashing somebody is the ElectroVoice EV664, aka "The Buchanan Hammer".

  3. Hey Murphy

    Keep on buying the regular 55 grain stuff also. I buy a box here and there....it adds up and that stuff has been killing folks since 1965. Just a thought.

    1. I've got a fair bit of that put away, and I reload it, too. I use it for practice and it's required for my old 1:12 twist AR-15A1.