Saturday, April 11, 2015

NRAAM Day 2 concludes

Ok. I'm tired. I've been walking around, looking at guns and talking to gun people all day and they're getting ready to shove us all out and lock the doors until tomorrow. So now I'm taking a short break in the media room, blogging and swilling as many free beverages as I can manage. 

Dehydration, you know. 

Talked to several Nashville police officers who are working in and around the convention center. Every one of them says that this convention is so unlike almost every other large public event that they typically work because everyone in the crowds is polite and friendly and there's no knuckleheads and anti-cop attitude like they're used to getting in other large groups. And of course almost everyone here is armed. But none of the officers that's spoke to had any issue with that whatsoever, because they're all shooters and gun folks too (most of them volunteered to work this convention) and they're having as much fun browsing and socializing as the rest of us are. (And they're getting paid, too!)

Spent much time talking to reps from some of my favorite companies--Springfield Armory, Heckler and Koch, Henry, Surefire, Advance Armament Corp., Marlin and Crimson Trace, among others. Saw lots of nice new products and took plenty of pictures to post when I get home. 

Ran into Ted Nugent and briefly exchanged pleasantries with him, too.

Great day so far. Now to get ready for dinner and another night out on Broadway.

I should get to just travel around to gun conventions every week-end for a living. I could be happy doing that...and really happy if it came with a six-figure salary.


  1. A lucky stiff, you are.

  2. Obviously you are unaware that there have been no functioning firearms allowed at the convention. At least according to the wing-nuts known as the media.

    And, see, I can't go because at some point there would be clinging and weeping and cries of "Noooooo!!! I want it!" as I was dragged away...

  3. Sigh... Wish I was there! Tell everyone I said Hi!

  4. Wouldn't we all! :-)