Friday, April 03, 2015

Sometimes a college gets it right.

It seems like all we hear about these days is some college or another paying money to bring in some totally inappropriate America-hating speaker to address the students (or just out-and-out hiring them), but for once I can report that New Jersey's Kean University actually bucked that trend and rescinded an invitation to a leftist rapper named Common when the State Troopers Fraternal Association of New Jersey objected due to his songs praising wanted cop-killer Joanne Chesimard, aka Assata Shakur, who broke out of prison in 1977 and enjoys life in Cuba today.

Common gets disinvited from New Jersey university’s commencement

Personally, this seriously raised my opinion of that school and it's dean, who bucked what will undoubtedly be a tide of crap from the usual suspects on the left, both in the media and among the school's cadre of Liberal Arts majors, aka: sheltered kids of rich people, most of whom will leave college and go on to long careers as baristas at some coffee shop or another. But screw those kids, because the rest of the graduating class--the ones coming out of that school with meaningful degrees who will go on to take their places as productive members of society--deserve better than advice and insight from some fool who just stands on a stage and rhymes about his admiration for an unrepentant murderer who is still on the FBI's most-wanted list today.

Of course Barry Obama heard the same criticism in 2011 when he invited this nit-wit to rap at the White House. Barry just shrugged it off though, deciding that his personal desire for entertainment trumped the feelings of offended police officers, the family of murdered State Trooper Werner Foerster and basic decency.

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    Bravo to New Jersey's Kean University