Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Another anti-gun Democrat arrested on gun charges

The list of anti-gun Democrats who wind up committing crimes with the same guns that they work to keep you and me from having is long, and it keeps getting longer. Now we can all add Michigan State Senator Virgil Smith to the list, after he was arrested for running naked onto his porch and emptying a rifle into his ex-wife's 2015 Mercedes as the climax of a domestic dispute between the two.

Detroit Sen. Virgil Smith found naked with woman by ex-wife prior to shooting

Sen. Smith said firing shots stupidest thing in his life

Smith has been a politician in Michigan since he came out of college and jumped on his daddy's coattails, and this despite a history of both drunk driving and shoplifting arrests. But when not dealing with his own legal problems, he's been steadily endorsing and working to pass bill after bill after bill to restrict the rights of Michigan citizens to keep and bear their own firearms.

Michigan voters, this is what happens when you elect and re-elect an obvious punk to high office. They don't stop being punks just because you give them a title and enough money to buy nice things. They will, however, look at you as if you are punks and do everything that they can to keep you under control of big government, all while excepting themselves from that same oversight.

If convicted of this felony, he should be removed from the legislature, but he won't be. And Detroit voters will keep voting for him. And this is why I like laws that keep felons from holding office or voting.


  1. Why am I NOT surprised... sigh

  2. I have basically given up on politicians. I used to make small donations, put up signs for them, etc if I thought they were of the right party. But since Sam Nunn retired, I haven't had a good feeling about any of them and I just checked out. Sometimes I still write letters to my congressmen but it's an exercise in futility.

  3. Anonymous11:28 PM

    DemocRats acting naturally