Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Police Helicopter Coolness

Since this week is Police Week, I figure some pics of Fairfax County, Virginia's Bell 429 helicopters are in order. So here's "Fairfax 1", coming in for a landing.
Fairfax Co. is the first law enforcement aviation unit to fly the 429, and their three-man crews handle all aspects of law enforcement and medivac rescue work. The pilot flies and the other two officers are also paramedics who handle the radios and searchlight/infrared systems when not treating critical patients.
And because "two is one and one is none", they have two. Six million dollars each, plus the cost to operate them, but money well spent to provide for the safety of the people who live in or travel through that part of Northern Virginia.

And Fairfax County is pretty open about what their helos do, having both a FAQ page and listing the reason for every flight on their website. They'll even tell you why the helicopter is flying over your house in the middle of the night if you want to call up and ask them.

Hey, you folks who think that because you bought a Glock, you can do anything that a police officer can...can you equal this?
I'll bet not.


  1. Depends on who I call... :-)

  2. Shoot. I meant to get blue ribbon to put in deck posts today and forgot again.

    When I came through Hancock, MD, on the rail trail Sunday the lamp posts all had blue bows on them.

  3. Great post! Yay police! I love helos. They are worth every penny, especially when I get dropped from one.

  4. Cool pics! My husband was a chopper jockey in the Army.

  5. Anonymous6:19 PM

    Great pictures and Hand Salute to all LEO's

  6. I flew the Bell TH-57 Sea Ranger in HT-8 more than thirty years ago. You can still see it's lines in this aircraft.