Tuesday, June 02, 2015

Going to win the lottery tonight and change America

And then, after I buy the Corsair that I need--and set aside enough for a lifetime maintenance program for it--I'm going to use the rest to hire a mercenary army of assassins and send them after every reporter and news exec who does or authorizes one more "story" on Bruce Jenner or anyone named "Kardashian". I have heard more than enough!

I realize that the media needs it's freakshow now since it still is not allowed to report unfavorably on Obama or any of his potential Democrat successors, and aside from the weather, police-bashing (always red meat for the Social Justice warriors and lunatic Walter-Mitty types out there) and a few overblown scandals involving a few minor Republicans, they don't have much else to talk about, but it's time to find something else to talk about, people. So starting this evening, I want either real news, or just video clips of cute puppies if you cannot or will not report on anything of substance.

You've been warned, media folks. If I win tonight, tomorrow's news had better be chock full of the truth about Obama's failures and Hillary's crimes, or something like this:

There will be no third option.


  1. I'll take that!

  2. Come now - you are requesting intellectual honesty and integrity. Neither of which are valued in liberalism.w

  3. Safest little girl in the world right there! :-)

  4. Anonymous5:23 AM

    What? You are not going to resupply with oats? (evil laugh)

    1. Oh no. From now on, the oats stay in the gun safe and the rifles stay in the kitchen pantry. It's just easier that way.

  5. You realize, of course, that if the MSM played that clip the caption accompanying it would be:

    "Pack of Vicious Republican Dogs Chase, Jump On, And Maul Terrified Democrat Child - Special Investigative Report at 11."

  6. Anonymous10:15 AM

    Good luck with that Corsair!

    (different browser)

  7. More firearms! More cars! More travel! Yay. Meanwhile, I did not buy a ticket.

  8. You might could start a GoFundMe to raise that army of mercenaries. I'd kick in. And Pepper would volunteer to command it.

  9. Anonymous3:48 PM

    +1 Aaron