Friday, July 03, 2015

Illegal murders American woman. No film at eleven.

Another day, and another innocent American murdered by a foreign national who was deported from our country FIVE TIMES, only to give us the finger and come back again after every removal.

San Francisco shooting suspect was deported several times, officials say

He was supposed to have been back in removal proceedings again following his latest felony arrest in San Francisco, but that sanctuary city refused to honor ICE's detainer request and released him back onto the streets again. The result: a woman dies in her father's arms when the illegal shoots her for no apparent reason. And the silence from the government officials who pushed for an end to deportation of illegals like this guy is deafening.

And before we blame the guns, the carrying of handguns is more illegal in California than being in America illegally is. The illegal with the long felony record didn't care about our gun laws any more than he did about our immigration or drug laws. And neither the Obama Administration or the Jerry Brown Administration cared that he was able to roam our streets and parks freely, along with millions more like him who just cross and re-cross our borders with impunity.

How many more Americans have to die or otherwise become the victims of crimes because our elected officials prefer to curry favor with the illegals and their supporters rather than represent those of us who legally vote and actually pay the taxes? What are we going to do about the approximately twenty million illegals and their minor dependents ("Baby illegals") who are here, packing our schools, hospitals, courts and prisons at our expense?

Back in 1912, Germany's Kaiser was visiting Switzerland. While there, he was told how ever swiss male is armed and part of the national militia. When the Kaiser asked a Swiss male what the quarter of a million Swiss militiamen would do if invaded by a half million German soldiers, the Swiss replied: "Shoot twice and go home."

Here in America, however, if the same question were put to us by the leaders of the third-world countries that give us most of our illegals, the answer would be: "We'd sign them up for EBT and Obamacare, enroll their kids in our schools and look the other way when they steal jobs from Americans, drive without licenses or insurance and commit crimes ranging from fraud and identity theft right on up to rape and murder."

No developed country on Earth has open borders like we have now, and that's because no developed country can survive unchecked immigration by hordes of unskilled, illiterate people, many of whom have values and come from cultures that are in opposition to our own. Britain and France are finding that out the hard way right now too, but we're apparently not interested in learning from their example. Maybe we should learn from the Swiss.

America today has over two million men and women in our military, both active and reserves. We have over 800,000 sworn police officers and countless millions of US citizens who own guns. Maybe it's time to give those who are here illegally a month to pack up and get out, after which time, the rest of us who care will be authorized to find those who still refuse to leave, shoot once or twice and go home.

Just a thought.


  1. Living in a sanctuary city as we do, here, it's a target-rich environment. But I suspect that crowd of illegals would thin considerably when the gunfire starts.

  2. This story is so upsetting. She didn't know she was shot, she just didn't feel right.

    Does anyone know if the family can sue the city of San Francisco for this?

  3. I'm really thinking Operation Wetback ver 2.0 wouldn't be a bad thing...

  4. Yeah, I heard this today on Sirius Patriot Channel, and I was stunned.

    I hope her family sues the snot out of Gay Frisco!

  5. Anonymous3:14 PM

    +1 Old NFO

  6. I'm reminded of the process of steel-making. In small percentages, various elements combine with iron and carbon to give desirable properties to the resulting alloy, e.g. hardness, machinability, ductility, corrosion resistance.

    At one time, the young United States judiciously welcomed certain immigrants, through legal process, who brought necessary skills, talent, and passion to build our growing nation. As time has passed, though, we have come to no longer exercise discretion in the makeup of our society, and as a result, our 'foundry' crucible now overflows, not with high-strength alloy, but with the cultural equivalent of pot metal.

  7. Oh, and I wish I'd bought a couple of Schmidt-Rubins years ago when SOG was offering them for about a Benjamin per copy... :-(

  8. I saw some San Francisco city officials being interviewed about this incident. They basically didn't give a finder's damn about the dead woman. It was more important for San Francisco to make a stand against the criminal belief system that would preclude anyone who wanted to do so from coming to this country to live. After all, if this poor man had not been subjected to severe harassment he probably would not have been so upset that he would have randomly killed someone as he did. It wasn't his fault.

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  10. My closing thoughts in my blog post. I've got to admit that I was very angry and frustrated. I still am.

    "There can be no better - or worse - reason for why we fight for our Second Amendment Rights. No greater proof of why we must be our own first responders. We. Are. On. Our. Own. We cannot afford to do otherwise. Not when our own governments favor criminals over the law abiding. Not when feel-good sentiments trump reason and justice. Not when our governments seek to remove our most effective means of self-defense against the evil they nurture."