Thursday, July 23, 2015

"Respect me and my culture, you racist bitches!"

So the other night, the Frederick County, MD council met to discuss repealing a law that they passed in 2012 that required that all county business be conducted in English.

English-only ordinance leads to fierce debate at Frederick hearing

Back in 2012, the council was solid Republican, but now that three Democrats are on it, a three to four split, the Democrats are demanding that this whole thing be brought back up again so that they can show their special interest donors that the donors got their money's worth when they funded the Democrats' campaigns.

Council member Jessica Fitzwater (D), who was elected to the council in November and is a co-sponsor of the measure to repeal the ordinance, said the law “sends a clear message of intolerance”
Jessica Fitzwater just got there. Only been in office since January and already selling out the Americans in her county on behalf of the illegals and their big-money supporters.

The story goes on to quote one woman who wants it repealed just because she likes "diversity", and a black guy who claims that it's "just like the Jim Crow laws that his father-in-law experienced." This, of course, is bullshit, because every black affected by Jim Crow laws (Thanks, Democrats!) was a US Citizen, while illegals, by definition, aren't. Apples to Oranges. But hey--it's a liberal talking point so it's got to get out there, right? Somebody will fall for it.

And of course they had the money quote from a woman--speaking in Spanish--who made the best claim of all:
Maria Diana Sanchez Gonzalez, a Spanish speaker who testified through an interpreter, told the council that Frederick was her home, too.

“There are Latin stores, Latin food and people speak Spanish,” she said. “I think I have the right to have respect for my culture.”

In other words, she basically echoed millions of other illegals here when she meant to say:

"I crossed into your country in defiance of your laws knowing that you did not want me here. You cannot keep me out if I want to come here where your money and good living standards are. I will not assimilate into your culture or learn your language, but you'd better respect my culture and cater to me in my own language, and that means giving me access to the full range of government programs and benefits that your citizens pay for and not deporting me or anyone else here illegally. Screw you, Americans! Just gimme stuff, you racists!"

A radio show this morning talking about the meeting said that a reporter tried to ask Sanchez Gonzalez about her citizenship and whether she was here illegally or not, and Sanchez Gonzalez simply repeated that "it doesn't matter. I am here." That pretty much tells us what the answer is.

Am I the only one who thinks that in our country, we, the citizens, still have the right to pass our own laws for our own benefit and exclude those who are not citizens or here with our consent?

But I am willing to concede to one of Sanchez Gonzales' demands if she insists. I'm wiling to adopt Mexico's strict immigration laws and apply them to her case. Under Mexico's immigration laws, as a foreigner illegally in that country trying to run a business and influence government policy, she'd be in jail right now and she'd stay there until she could be formally deported. THAT I could get behind.


  1. Yep, too may sellouts in government these days.

  2. It's not actually about diversity or any other of the things that make liberal's butts pucker in indignation. Making English the official language SAVES TAXPAYERS MONEY. It removes the legal obligation to do things like print flyers in multiple languages. Taxpayers then pay for a run printed in one language and not multiple runs printed in whatever other language. And absolutely no person is prevented from taking a publication to someone who is bi-lingual and having it translated. But I guess that's too much effort and it's better to cater to laxy assed illegals using someone else's money.

  3. Agree with your last!

  4. Anonymous7:24 PM

    +1 ProudHillbilly

  5. Like the Democrats, the fricken invaders are tone deaf.Just about eveyone I know, with the possible exception of my commie sisters, is about flat fed up with the invasion, AND their enablers. WTF do they think, they can show up here and make demands? Of US? There is a backlash coming, and it is going to be ugly.

    1. I'm waiting for the day when every American rises up as one and chases the invaders all the way back to the border.

  6. We will become the new tower of babel....

  7. During the current WH regime, the left has moved from requesting acceptance of nutball ideas and policies, to demanding unquestioning subservience and fealty to all manner of socialist dreck.

    I've concluded that the question is when - not if - the next Lexington or Ft. Sumter will occur.

    1. Agree. I just hope that it happens while I'm still young enough to play a part.

  8. Thirty years ago when I first began my teaching career, I taught high school English down on the Tex/Mex border. 95% of my students had been ESOL (English as a second language) until finally speaking enough English to graduate out of the program and into my 9th grade regular English class. These were not illegals, but Americans. That means that 95% of my students did not speak English when they started school - in America - nor did their parents speak English. The students and their parents did not understand the need to speak English since most everyone in the Rio Grande Valley spoke Spanish. And so, they had no incentive and they continued to work in the fields or other low-wage jobs. What a mess! These days it is even worse.

  9. "It doesn't matter, I'm here now!"
    How many burglars, squatters and trespassers have said the same thing.
    "Possession is 9/10 of the law!" - The Exorcist Rule

    What a MAROON! Or whatever maroon is in Spanish!


  10. I watched a news segment on that black woman in Texas who hanged herself in jail after being arrested. A black Texas State Senator was being interviewed, and he said that the "grand jury should be made up of people of color, so there is no one on the grand jury who might be biased."

    Interesting perspective, I thought.

    That's why people can get away with this type of thing you are writing about. Your opinion doesn't count because you are obviously a white guy who is biased against people of color. But the Hispanic woman is not biased "for" people of color, so she should be given the bully pulpit and her opinion respected.

  11. Harry - Yeah, Royce West is sort of Texas' amalgamation of Chuck Schumer meets Al Sharpton. Any issue involving race or guns, a news outlet can always get a microphone in front of Sen. West.