Monday, July 06, 2015

When a gun guy needs to buy chick stuff.

Today, while working on yet another "Improve your M&P" project, (Darn you, Apex Tactical and Smith and Wesson...why doesn't one of you just buy the other and make the guns right in the first place?)
I decided that I needed a really small tweezers to deal with a plunger beneath the sear of an old-style S&W sear block. (1/16th" in joke.) So to get me some tweezers, I headed off to the drug store, where I figured I could find a pair without any problem.

Now when I got there, the lady behind the counter by the door asked if she could help me find anything. "Yes, please," I said. "A pair of tweezers."

"What kind?" she asked.

What kind? I thought for a second. How many kinds could there be?

"Uh, Smith and Wesson?"

Must have been the wrong answer, as she kind of rolled her eyes and pointed me down the last aisle on the left, telling me that they were all the way down on the end, right side.

Heck with her. I'd find what I need. I headed off down that aisle, past countless metric tons of make-up and stuff, and finally found basically a whole tweezer section. And here began the dilemma, for there must have been sixteen different shapes and a dozen different sizes. Some had little designs or make-up company logos on them (PASS!) and some were gold-colored and ran to near thirty bucks for one little freaking tweezer! Hell, I'm not working on a Heckler & Koch here, so no on those too!

I finally found the one with the smallest tip, but I had to buy it as part of a two-piece pack, setting me back about five bucks. And it worked just fine on the pistol, and the plunger is now back in place in the deep recesses of the sear housing block again, but now I can't stop wondering what chicks use all of those other types of tweezers for...and to be honest, I'm not sure that I wanna know.


  1. Yup ... don't ask questions you don't want the answer to...

  2. You have more than one gun, right?

  3. Heh. Eyebrows, upper lip, nose....

  4. Anonymous7:15 PM

    Sounds like a planning failure - you do know Brownell's carries several tweezers, right? I'll bet none of them have cosmetic company names on them.....

    Pro tip: in your spare time get a degausser for the tweezers.


    1. Brownells is great, but I needed them today. The gun was already apart, and the previous ones I've disassembled had the newer 1/8" plunger assy. which isn't that bad. Didn't expect to find an old model in this particular pistol. Live and learn.

  5. Need some florescent green paint for your front sight? You too can be the creepy old guy in the teenie-bopper finger polish section.

  6. If they tell you, they'll have to kill you... :-)

  7. I have the slanty kind -- useful for many purposes (except for those things that involve motor parts and grease).

  8. I'm not sure I want to know about those other purposes either.

  9. Places that sell tools for electronics usually have a good selection of tweezers.

    There's actually a numbering system used to describe what type of points the tweezers come to.

    I like the "OOSA" type for fine work, but there are many others.

  10. I knew there were big tweezers and little tweezers, but that was the extent of my tweezer knowledge.

  11. When it comes right down to it, pliers, channel locks, vice grips, and the like are all tweezers too. They just say "Craftsman" instead of "Revlon" on the handle.

  12. Just wait...
    I've a heavy-duty flat-bladed pair I use to (wait for it)
    I used to work with an older gentleman who never tweezed or trimmed his ear and nose.
    Seriously, one could have made a whole mustache toupee' out of it!
    So I vowed I rather rip it out than look like that!


  13. Harbor Freight - 5 pack of assorted tweezers for about $2. Great place for el-cheapo tool that fit the requirement of "Good Enough".

  14. Anonymous12:19 AM

    You do not know and you do not want to know about the tweezers

  15. Because tools.
    Why do you need those 47 sizes of sockets? :-)