Monday, August 24, 2015

Another has-been actress seeks attention by trying to whitewash our history

Ah, that poor Julianne Moore. Now that getting old and no one wants to see her stripping on screen any more, she's reduced to stupid publicity stunts like this to try to stay relevant.

Julianne Moore seeks name change for JEB Stuart High School

Cow needs to mind her own business. JEB Stuart was renowned for what he was able to do, not for taking his top off in a few movies. I suppose that she'd prefer the school to be named after some prominent gay activist or perhaps even an illegal alien, but the citizens of VIRGINIA--not Hollywood--chose to name it after Stuart and the decision should be theirs, not hers or her handful of Twitter followers. This PC crap where liberals keep trying to un-write American history needs to stop and stop now.


  1. You are right, this has got to stop. Just recently, some idiot tried to get the "Dixie Classic Fair" renamed because he said that the word "Dixie" was offensive to too many people. Between the bowing down to every loser who wants to take every Confederate flag down on any flag pole or even license plate to the vandals who keep defacing every federal monument or even cemetery that honors the soldiers who fought in the war, history is being wiped out. If YOU don't like that part of history, no problem we will just remove it. This country is becoming totally wussified and our politicians are too afraid to stand up and fight. (I heard that soon the word "whitewash" is going to be removed from our dictionary also..too offensive. ;-))

  2. Taking her top off? You obviously never saw Short Cuts.
    She should stick to what she's good at (getting naked on screen) and spare us her great analytical insight.

  3. Second rate actress, desparate for publicity says it all... Not no but HELL no!

  4. Anonymous11:57 AM

    +1 Old NFO