Monday, August 03, 2015

Naked Canadian

OK, now that I've just ensure that my site traffic is going to soar, courtesy of northern perverts, allow me to introduce you to that Long Branch Enfield that I'm working on, with it's ruined wood removed.
All stripped down and ready for rust removal. The original finish beneath the old wood looked pretty nice and offers a hint as to what shape the overall rifle was in before "Bubba" got hold of it. Sadly, much of the exposed metal is quite a bit more worn. It will be left as-is, as I don't like to try to re-create metal finish. This metal was originally oil-blackened, a process which involved heating the metal until it was almost red-hot and then dipping it into a vat of oil. That's beyond my abilities anyhow, so it'll keep it's original "used" look.
But it won't be naked for long. I got this great set of new used wood from Sarco and it's just waiting for me to finish sand it and apply some nice boiled linseed oil.
Once this is finished, the rifle gets dressed properly again, in period attire. All of the missing stock metal is here too, either from Sarco or out of my spare parts boxes. I actually had a fair bit of it just lying around. Funny what accumulates over the years...

Give me a week or two to get it finished, and we'll be ready for some range time.


  1. Whew! At least it wasn't Celine Dion or Gordon Lightfoot!
    Looks like you're doing a great restore job. I have a soft spot in my flinty-hard heart for military bolts, especially when they're GI (or GS, as the Brits say) stock.

  2. Nice! And I wonder if you actually 'know' all the stuff you've got hidden away in the various corners! :-)

    1. I would say that I do, but I've been surprised too often.

  3. I'll be she'll be beautiful when you're done with her!

  4. Anonymous5:35 PM

    +1 drjim