Monday, September 14, 2015

New rifle update.

I've inspected the bore and chamber of the blowed-up Model 1917 in the post below. Looks undamaged.

The parts have been located and ordered. I have a decent number of Model 1917 parts in my parts bins, but alas, none of them are the ones I need.

I sanded the stock down and applied the first new coat of boiled linseed oil. That old walnut is going to look stunning in a week or so.

Metal is another story. Lots of oil and steel wool and RB-17 used but the pitting isn't going to come out and there's some finish blemishes from corrosion that while not actually into the metal, likely won't clean up either. Still, she'll look a lot better than she did when I unpacked it.

Rifle is almost all Winchester. Only found two small Eddystone parts so far. Not a mixmaster, this one.

Bore looks good but is dark. Working on that, but it's going to take time and elbow grease and chemicals best used outdoors.

I've misplaced my muzzle wear and throat erosion gauges.

My gun room is way too messy.

That's all so far.

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  1. Anonymous10:15 PM

    Sounds like some organization is in order