Wednesday, November 11, 2015

I just can't win.

So today, I put the dogs in the dog pen, and Belle was immediately out and about behind the house. I got her in and went out to check, and I have TWO sections of damaged dog fencing now, one at the bottom of the run and another at the top. Apparently something running up the hill hit the lower fence hard, breaking the section clear of it's connectors and flattening it pretty decently. That something then ran up the hill and pulled the second section down, probably trying to climb out.

Whatever it was, it was bigger than a German Shepherd. I suspect one of the local deer.

Excuse my blunt talk, but I've really fucking had it with those things lately. This is going to take a while to fix, and probably require some new fencing material too. I really don't need this right now.


  1. Sorry you've got more disrepair and aggravation. Hugs.

  2. You have a suppressed .44.... That seems like a perfect nuisance animal removal tool.

  3. Anonymous8:44 PM

    +1 JayNola

  4. Get some sucker rods. Make a real jail bar fence. Use concrete to anchor it.

    Yes it will look like Alcatraz, but then that is what you need.

  5. I have to go and unbend/ repair the fence that keeps Maggie in the yard every now and then because of the idiotic deer that run into it. I always thought they were smarter about stationary obstacles, but I was wrong.
    Fortunately she's content with staying in the yard and not one to stray, unless it would be to chase a tractor passing by.

  6. +1 Brigid and JayNola!


  7. Ouch, sorry to hear that.

  8. Maybe you should take up deer hunting, what with all the pain and suffering those critters have caused lately. Seriously, Murphy, it is a real problem, deer populations have increased tremendously in recent decades (Cornell study:
    I have in the past donated the meat to food banks. You might need to have a buddy (always a good method) to help dress out a deer, but hey, might be good to get some nice backstrap...
    Wish I was closer, I've build a number of heavy-duty fences.
    Maybe I should go to the border and help build the impossible-to- build- fence, keep out a few radical idiots...