Monday, December 07, 2015

Guns and the Democrat/American disconnect

"We need gun control!"

This is the new war cry of the far left. Obama, Hillary, their toadies at the New York Times and countless other Blue State minions and lickspittles all are demanding that we Americans reject guns and the gun culture and leave matters of both national security and personal safety to them.

The response from America was telling:

Black Friday breaks record with 185K gun background checks

All across the country, Americans are arming themselves, including many who have never owned a gun before. (As I related previously, my sister is now getting her first gun--A Ruger LC9s--and my formerly anti-gun mother is buying it for her.) The message to Washington is clear:

"We, the People, do not trust you, either to keep us safe from terrorists, or to protect us from the more typical criminals. We also don't like you telling us that we should be disarmed, so we're arming ourselves before you can do anything to prevent it."

In other words...

You work for us, Democrats. You're not our rulers; we're not your serfs, and YOU don't tell US what we can can cannot have or do when the Constitution has already made it abundantly clear.

Sadly, the Dems are tone deaf. They keep calling for us to be disarmed, while at the same time, they want to flood our country with military-aged muslim males Syrian "refugees" and they're busy releasing violent felons from out prisons and refusing to deport convicted criminals who don't even belong here. The result: More Americans feel unsafe here in the homeland than ever before. And there's been a splashback as many of those Americans are taking responsibility for their own defense and that of their loved ones.

A lot of Americans, it seems.

Hopefully this cycle of events serves as a wake-up call and come next November, the voters toss these self-declared "rulers" out on their ear, from Hillary right on down to the lowest town councilman who doesn't understand that they are elected to serve and lead, not dictate. We can also hope that this rise in American gun ownership shifts the national demographic far enough away from all things gun control that our kids and grand-kids never have to worry about similar insidious assaults on their freedoms and liberties such as today's Democrats are still launching against ours.

Heck, in an ideal tomorrow, kids of future generations will ask their teachers: "What were Democrats and where did they go?" Then they'll head out to the school small-bore range.


  1. Yep, THEY need gun control because the natives are getting restless.

    The rest of us are doing just fine, thank you....

  2. I like your dog pictures.

  3. Awesome sauce. I fear Obama will make some more executive orders.

  4. I've never understood the strength of the stupid in liberals. In case they hadn't noticed, assault and murder are already against the law. And as far as last week - the instant I heard that there were multiple attackers I knew what was going on. And, btw, having your own personal bomb making factory is also already against the law.

  5. Anonymous9:08 PM

    I am beginning to see 1776 clearer with each passing day