Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Live by the rules you impose on others, Governor.

So in Virginia, Governor Terry McAuliffe, recently issued an order barring the open carry of firearms in virtually every state building and office in Virginia. In response, a Virginia State Senator has offered up a bill intended to defund the Governor's armed security detail and strip him of his armed State Police bodyguards.

Va. lawmaker wants to defund Gov. McAuliffe's armed guards over gun dispute

“It’s easy for someone who is surrounded by armed state policemen to tell someone else they can’t carry a weapon to protect themselves,” Republican state Sen. Charles W. Carrico Sr. told

I like it, even though it probably won't pass. If our elected "public servants" knew that laws imposed on us by them will apply to them too, it would make them consider the consequences of their actions at least a bit more than many do now.

Sadly, Virginia is going to have a rough ride with this guy, a long-time Bill Clinton ally with a history of scandals and corruption that is much longer than his actual public service resume. (He's never held elected office before...he was just a Democrat Party money bundler.) But in this instance, I have to blame a segment of Virginia voters here, specifically the 146,084 fools who, after months of opportunity to study the race and pick the best candidate capable of winning, still decided in 2013 to vote for Robert Sarvis, a Libertarian candidate who, as is turned out, was funded significantly by McAuliffe/Obama cronies who hoped that he'd be a spoiler against conservative Republican Ken Cuccinelli, the former Attorney General who was known for being strongly pro-gun. In the end, McAwful took the race by a slim 56,000 vote margin and the gun rights of VA citizens took a kick in the nuts. Lesson to be learned here: Voting is important, and not voting stupid is really important. But that lesson was apparently lost, because that Sarvis came right back in 2014 and jumped into the VA US Senate race, where he had the same effect: He pulled 53,000 votes away from the actual conservative pro-gun candidate Ed Gillespie and it threw the race to anti-gun Democrat Mark Warner by 16,000 votes statewide. So that was TWO opportunities to elect a pro-gunner to major office and send known bad guys packing, and both were blown by a handful of people who obviously confuse voting with some silly reality TV game because they keep voting for the guy who has no chance of winning and who appears to be only able to afford to run when supported financially by the Democrats.

I weep for Virginia's gun owners. I really do. But I never forget that they keep doing it to themselves.


  1. Unfortunately Carrico's bill is just a feel-good stunt, and detracts from meaningful actions. (Although I'd love to be see it actually happen.) Trying to find lemons here, but now, maybe, just perhaps, my fellow Virginians will wake up. We need to rout the "establishment" republicans here who would rather see a democrat in office than support anyone outside of their clique.

  2. Excellent idea! Albeit a feelgood stunt.
    Goose-Gander and all that.