Sunday, January 10, 2016


Apparently it snowed here at the Lair yesterday. Inside.

At least that what it looked like when I walked back in the door to be greeted by two cheerful, loving ass-dogs.

A certain gun company had sent me a couple of small repair parts, and as so often happens for some insane reason, the parts--which would have fit in a regular padded envelope, were shipped in a box big enough to hold a basketball. And naturally, all of that excess space in the pox was taken up by that ungodly creation of the Devil--styrofoam chips. (Now with more static, so they stick to every damned thing!)

The box was intact on my couch when I left for work, but apparently the dozen or so dog toys on the floor weren't nearly as interesting as that box was, for upon my return, I found the floor covered with the styrofoam chips. A dog known to have a cardboard box fetish had apparently amused herself by opening this box and ripping up the cardboard, paying no attention at all to the parts therein or doing anything to avoid scattering the styrofoam. Indeed, when I came in the door, both dogs were frolicking and running through the mess, spreading it even farther over the living room.


Just freaking Aargh.

Nothing like walking in the door, anticipating relaxing, only to have to spend the next ten minutes picking up static-clingy styrofoam and shreds of cardboard as two dogs with no sense of shame or remorse get in the way because they want more attention.

Not sure which one is the hammer and which one is the saw, but they're both definitely tools.


  1. I really really want to feel your pain, but I have to side with the dogs. They are too cute to be mad at them :D

  2. Hey Murphy,

    You didn't say IF you found such SMALL gun parts....

  3. Did they eat the parts, and are you waiting for them to pass?

    Look at them, begging the master for chores to do around the house, wanting to be helpful. Part of that help, naturally, is inspecting the perimeter and insuring that the fence is impenetrable (apparently it's not).

    1. The parts in their own plastic bags were just casually tossed aside. I recovered those and they have since been installed in their waiting host firearm.

      Dogs just wanted the box.

  4. Anonymous4:13 PM

    Two very innocent lookin faces

    1. Those "innocent faces" are the reason that I drink..

  5. Zeus (our black one) figured out how to open the refrigerator door. Mrs ERJ went out after hearing "a noise" and saw both GSDs inspecting the contents of the refrigerator. Being unaware of an observer, they were making disparaging comments about the left overs.

    At least, we *think* they just figured out how to open the refrigerator.