Saturday, January 23, 2016

Blizzard morning

Well I'd managed to shovel the driveway twice yesterday, the last time just before going to bed. Figured if I kept ahead of it I might do ok.

Well during the night we got a foot and a half to two feet of the stuff. The driveway has been lost, and it's so deep that even the Shepherds won't go out in it. They tried, but it's up almost to their backs. They freaked and came back in. And it's supposed to keep snowing like this all day and into tonight.

I'll stomp a drop zone. Air drop supplies, please. Send more whiskey, beer and milk bones.


  1. We've been lucky this year, only about a half a foot at any given time, but I remember well those two feet storms and having to dig a path out at Partner's to the trees for Barkley. Stay safe.

  2. Could be worse - a friend of mine drives bus and sat on I75 somewhere in KY with a busload of high schoolers headed for FL. They managed to get off the highway this morning and into a town for breakfast, but they still have a ways to go before they clear the storm.

  3. Might consider looking for a riding mower that you can put a plow blade on. Especially if that distant job doesn't pan out. You may be hazarding the doctors repair work doing that shoveling, in addition to the added difficulty of using a prosthetic leg in those conditions.
    Had a friend die from complications caused by slipping and falling on a prosthetic leg. Suffered extensive bruising of his stump, which turned into a systemic infection. Slipped on some spilled water in his kitchen, that a housemate didn't bother to clean up.

    1. Screw that. The late Mr. Law didn't raise no wusses. Got a job to get done. Gonna do it, even if it takes a bit longer.