Tuesday, January 26, 2016


The road to the outside finally opened today.

Last night, this came by and made a narrow clear path on the road.
It wasn't government, as I heard. Apparently someone in the area owns it and he and other people with such machines were at work yesterday just opening up the roads. He still got watched, though.

Following this, A couple of neighbors and I worked together to get the last of the snow out of each other's driveways that the dozer had pushed in. One has a big snowblower. Another shoveled. With my hand messed up, I used the other hand and a spade to break up the snow so the snowblower could get it. Then when the driveways were clear and one woman lamented being out of wine, I went back in the house and grabbed a Malbeck and three styrofoam cups and we stood outside drinking wine as the sun went down.

This morning a bigger tractor with a bigger plow came by and blocked our driveways again. We all dug out again, this time without wine. But most of the lower roads were still blocked by thoughtless idiots who had gotten stuck early on during the storm and just walked home, leaving their cars where they were. (These people's cars all need to be whacked repeatedly with sledgehammers, IMHO. That's DC metro-style douchery and it has no place up here.) Eventually most of those got moved today and people could get out.

I chose to just stay here though. Nothing out there that I need. Dogs and I just took another snow day.
"We got bones. We're good."


  1. ;Round here, people who abandon cars come back to find that somehow their tire valves loosened up in their absence.

    All 4 tires (and sometimes the spare if accessible)

    Odd how that happens.

  2. I applaud your foresight in messing up your hand so you couldn't shovel, but could still pour and drink wine. Timing is everything!
    (Seriously, hope you didn't aggravate your injury.)

  3. You need to replenish the entire cellar? That was one heck of a storm...and no wonder you can shovel snow ;^)

  4. I had more wine and other spirits. I just couldn't convince anyone else that 0830 was a good time to start drinking.

  5. Any thoughts about a two dogpower sled? Just the thing for emergencies like a shortfall of wine!

  6. Great snow & dog stories. Glad all is well. Knew you'd be fine even with hand damage.

  7. Glad you can go mobile again.

  8. Self-reliance... Amazing how well that works! :-)

  9. Anonymous1:41 PM

    Great neighbors and good times with a little wine