Thursday, February 18, 2016

Shawna Cox is clearly Coo Coo for Cocoa Puffs.

Just when that wonderful collection of recently-arrested camo-wearing felons and bankrupts known as the Talibundy, aka Y'all Qaida, were finally dropping off the news cycle, Shawna Cox, the one conspirator that the judge declined to hold until trial, launches herself off the deep end with a court filing in which she tries to sue practically everybody in the western United States and demands "damages" in the amount of " Six hundred sixty six billion, six hundred sixty six million, six hundred sixty six thousand, six hundred sixty six dollars and sixty six cents." ($666,666,666,666.66)

Read the actual filing here.

In sum, Ms. Cox, "Communications Secretary" to both Cliven Bundy in Nevada in 2014 and Ammon Bundy this time around in Oregon, raises the Whack-a-doodle Flag and sallies on into a full-bore judicial war professors, all members of the State and Federal Bar, the "Corporation known as the United States" and "agents of the IMF and Blackstone Mercenaries". She also names dozens of legislators, judges, prosecutors and law enforcement officers, and no doubt her screwball pals will begin deluging them with false liens any day now, this being a common harassment tactic of the nutty Sovereign Citizen movement. And of course, in her filing, she claims to be free of the jurisdiction of any law of this country while simultaneously claiming the protections and rights enumerated by our Constitution. How's that for trying to have it both ways?

Read the filing, and see what happens when you let a crazy person near a typewriter or word processor without adult supervision.

Some of the good parts:


As identified in 18 USC sections 1512, 1513, and 1514 I am a victim, witness and informant to extremely serious public corruption and government oppression. I came to the assistance of economically vulnerable individuals who were being harassed, threatened, intimidated, persecuted and incarcerated by arrogant, narcissi Federal Government officials who have organized together to highjack and steal our Constitutional form of government from the people of the United States of America. I came to assist the people of the states that were derived from the Northwest Territories, to address the fraud involving lands that were defrauded from them, by organized efforts of individuals within Federal and State Governments. ...

In an effort to expose the "intent to defraud" the people of the lands involved in the States derived from the Northwest Territories, we took Hostile Adverse Possession of the Mahler Wildlife Refuge, which is akin to a trespass. "Hostile Adverse Possession" is a legal way to challenge "clouded land titles" and un-cloud them. In order to prove the trespass charges against us, the Federal Government will have to rationally explain before a jury of my peers why the Federal Government refused to allow the states of the Northwest Territories to come in on the equal footing doctrine, of the original 13 states. It needs to be documented here that in order to make a similar living on what is considered a homestead, in most of the arid regions in the original Northwest Territories, it takes several thousands of acres instead of the 160 acres. ...
Evidence will show they had to use force to stop us from getting to the jury roll call index and calling up a jury to expose the corruption involved and they had to make a show of force, in order to continue to terrorize the rest of the country, and subject the people to the predatory activities of the State and Federal Bar Associations' members. Evidence and testimony will show that Judge Grasity and Oregon State Senator Cliff Bentz, {both Oregon State Bar members), and Sheriff David Ward were directly involved in terrorizing the people of Hamey County with calling out their thugs and making the show of force, instead of allowing us to address the situation in a civil manner before a Grand Jury or inquest jury. ...
Evidence will show that individuals within the federal government have unlawfully placed the Federal lands (that were fraudulently withheld from the people in the states derived from the Northwest Territories) into hock for their national debt to their lenders and the International Monetary Fund. Evidence will show the National debt is a product of the subversive activities of the State and Federal Bar Associations' attempts to convert our constitutional form of governments into socialism, communism and an oligarchy. Evidence will show that it is common practice for State Bar Members to redirect blame, and they are attempting to redirect blame and cover-up the criminal actions of their colleagues by attempting to maliciously prosecute us and engaging in selective prosecution. ...
I object to the court continuing to attempt to identify me as a subject of corporate United States of America, I ask the court to cease and desist this, and acknowledge I am a sovereign citizen with State and Federal constitutional rights and protections of law. ...
In accordance with the rules of professional conduct, the code of judicial ethics and the laws that prevent judges from sitting on cases that they have a direct interest in, I am objecting to each and every judge who is a state or federal Bar Association member from presiding over my case. ...

I'm thinking that this isn't exactly going to be helpful to her case, and her federally-provided public defender is probably regretting going to work the morning that the Talibundy all trooped into federal court and begged for it to give them free lawyers.


  1. Ye gods and little fishes... Really???

  2. Nutty as a fruit cake!!!

  3. Flakier than Grandma's pie crust!

  4. Holy farkle-sparkle! That's a special kind o' stupid right there, that is!

  5. Remember the Federal inmate who sued Michale Vick for a quardrillion or so? Maybe Cox was dating him.

  6. Keep standing with the government. Executive Order – Obama Grabs Huge Western Lands Eventually they will have all the land.

    1. Aaron,

      Pointing out the fact that someone is a total loon with no idea about how the court system or our Constitution works is not automatically "standing with the government". And if you don't like what our public servants are doing, there are lots of options available to oppose them that don't include linking yourself to crazies like Cox and the Bundys.

    2. With all due respect, I disagree. I don't care how the system currently works. That very system has become corrupt and no longer functions how the founding fathers intended. Nearly 250 years of following suggestions like yours to 'work within the system' have lead us to exactly where we are now. A government wildly out of control, stealing land from the people. A government that does not care about the rule of law. A government that murders its own citizens.

      She's correct about a few points too. According to the Uniform Commercial Code, the United States *is* a corporation (see paragraph 15):

      She's also correct about court rooms. I've been in a few over the years. Nothing is funnier than a judge telling you that you will get a fair trial when the prosecutor works for the government, the witness works for the government, the judge works for the government, and the 'defense' they try to assign you also works for the government. Sure--that's not a conflict. ;)

      I guess I'm curious what parts you think are crazy. Points can be debated, generalizations are much more difficult.

      For example when I listened to the live stream at the end of the standoff, the guy started ranting about aliens and area 51. I personally think that's crazy.

      But I think the old Reagan quote applies about 80% my friend is not 20% my enemy. Government is the problem. All the in-fighting among the various 'patriot groups' is destructive to the overall goal of returning to a constitutional republic.

    3. Aaron, let me take a whack at these one by one.

      I would say that the system works as our founders intended from the standpoint that it allowed successive generations to decide the rules under which they wanted to live, and elect legislators accordingly. Not that doesn't mean that we have to like it when the second-handers out-vote us and win the day, but it also doesn't mean that we can just decide to pick up guns and start seizing bird sanctuaries, either. It also doesn't follow that the government is going around "stealing land from people" (who, exactly?) or "murdering it's citizens". (Which ones? And please don't cite LaVoy Finicum. He tried to draw on those officers and I'd have shot him myself had I been there.)

      Now as to th UCC, so what it the United States is defined as a corporate entity? If it was not, it could not borrow money, pay out money, or sue/be sued in court. All it means is that, for legal purposes, the government is embodied to stand as a distinct entity for the purposes of doing business. It's not some sinister plot to do something evil that a few high-school drop-out "sovereign citizen" types discovered by accident one day.

      And as to the courts...yes, while most everyone there draws a government check, each one works for a separate and distinct branch. Judges are the Judicial Branch. Prosecutors and police officers fall under the Executive Branch. They don't work hand-in-hand to defeat defendants, believe me. I guarantee you that I've spent more time in court than you ever will, and on all sides of it. If you're charged, you'll get a fair trial, defined as one where you have your rights under the constitution, rules of evidence and proceedure, etc., and the choice of an advocate on your behalf in a open, public hearing where the prosecution has to prove each element of each charge against you beyond a reasonable doubt. Do you have some other definition of "fair"?

      As to what part of Shawna Cox's filed ranting is'd be easier to find the few parts that are not crazy. I won'tr even belabor the point that she tried to file what is basically a civil claim in criminal court, which is why the judge tossed it back at her and told her to use a real attorney next time. Nothing she says makes sense logically or constructively. As others have described it in other discussions, it's basically just a "word salad" made up of legal terms and phrases used inappropriately in an apparent effort to sound smarter than one actually is.

  7. So you don't have to be coherant to file a lawsuit?

  8. Anonymous11:46 AM

    She needs a lobotomy

  9. Whew. That's actually painful to read.