Monday, February 01, 2016


So we went out today. It was Proud Hillbilly, Bruce, me, and our newest shooter, Rebecca. It was Rebecca's first time ever even holding a firearm, and that being the case, she did exceptionally well for a first time out. She was obviously nervous and tense, but she paid attention to what she was taught and she was safe. (And "safe" is right at the top of the list of attributes that I like in new and older shooters.)

She started out with the Glock 23 in .40 and did ok. Then it was PH's Kahr 9mm, which she handled like a pro. I let her try my .41 mag for a bit, and she didn't seem to care for that, but then I didn't expect her to. She was game though, and shot a whole cylinder. Then I gave her the S&W M&P-22 rifle, and she took to that one like a duck to a pond.

We got cut short by the rain, but she put most of her rounds on the target and committed no major safety errors...and she wants to come out again. I call this day a "win" for bringing another new shooter into the flock. And even if she never buys a gun of her own, at least now she has a fair and accurate idea about what they're really like.

And as major bonus points...she's pretty and personable. Plus Murphy and Belle like her.


  1. Awesome! I went to work today. Feel sorry for me yet?

  2. I think my Kahr likes her. It happily punched holes in the 8 and 9 ring when she shot it.

  3. Does she read the blog?

  4. Well done. Getting the new shooter off to a good start is a huge win. And their look of "this is fun" stays with them for a very long time.

    Range trip last week and I shot my mid sized Kahr in .40, and then my wife's 9mm Kahr. The 9 was a lot easier to shoot well, and didn't beat up my various wrist problems. As PH said, maybe the 9mm likes me.

  5. Pretty?
    And you didn't post pictures?
    (I live vicariously through others - :-) )


  6. Outstanding! :-) And safe is GOOD!!!

  7. Safety number one priority