Thursday, March 24, 2016

Back on the internet!!!

Today, the world's slowest cable install guy came over and hooked up my internet, so I'm finally able to post from a computer that is not my work computer or an iPhone.

So here's the tale thus far...

Last night in my old place thew previous Wednesday night. The furniture is already gone so Aaron of The Shekel breaks out his camping gear.
I'm starting to wonder about his operational cred here.

The first night took us to the home of Keads, where we enjoyed some shooting, some BBQ, and some adult beverages and conversation.

Here, Keads rocks the Thompson. Elliot Ness got nothing on him!

The dogs like Keads too. He spoils them. (And thanks, Nancy, for the cookies!)

It was a long dog day. Murphy racks out on the floor, using my travel bag for a pillow.
Miss Belle actually went down the hall and slept in Keads' room. Did I mention that he spoils them and they like him?

In the morning, coffee was had, and good-byes were said.
Keads had best come visit, and soon!

Got to the new house well after dark. The dogs were a bit thirsty.
And the chickens outside. Seriously.
Lots of chickens.

Feral chickens have proliferated in New Orleans since Hurricane Katrina (Thanks, PH!)

And they're not shy or timid. This one came calling as I enjoyed breakfast on my porch.

We saw St. Louis Cathedral.

We had crawfish.

They even arranged a brass band parade in the French Quarter...guess they heard I was here.

Back at home, the unpacking began.
Not exactly helpful, these two.

Belle did help with the kayak, though. Sort of.

Then she claimed the back steps.

Murph just be chilling inside though.
Saving up energy to chase more chickens tomorrow.

Oh--and s far, the score is Murphy escapes = 2 (including one where he bum-rushed me at the door), Belle escapes = 4


  1. Nice! Glad to hear you're finally settling in!

    1. Thanks. Now we've got to start planning that get-together.

    2. Give me about a week, and I will shoot you an email ;)

  2. Well you can have chicken fried chicken ANYTIME! Or broil one. Dang, free eats just walking by. Get a Louisiana CCW asap. We don't want to hear of you being on the 'First 48'.

  3. Is it legal to eat the chickens?

    1. People do it. NO one owns them.

  4. Glad you're getting 'settled' as it were... :-)

  5. Hopefully your luck with the pups is better than this

    Glad you are settling in, and blogging has resumed.

  6. Glad you and the doggies made it safe... And a reminder that Hurricane season begins in May.

  7. Watch for nesting sites. Free eggs.

  8. Yardbird really is good, tastes much better than store bought...

  9. Don't count your chickens (or apparently, your dogs...)

    When I lived in central Phx, it was a barrio-esque area (not yet gentrified) And chickens were abundant and 'free range'! The only down side was hearing roosters @ o'dark thirty!
    One time, before I had a cell phone camera, saw a guy chasing a chicken down the street. Hilarious!
    Glad you and the canines are getting settled.



  10. For the record, it was you that supplied the sleeping bag and puppy pillow. In any case, it was perfect urban camo - no one suspects the cuddly puppy until it is much too late.

  11. belle is so beautiful!
    [yes, murphy, you are handsome.]
    chickens join you at meals, not for your [undeniable] attractiveness, but where there are people there are bound to be dropped goodies.

  12. Cock fighting is very big in Caribbean, Latin and Asian cultures. Got any neighbors that match that description? My guess is that your livestock descended from gaming cocks.

    One of the local guys was selling one year old males for significantly more than $100 each to the local Hmong. They were expensive to raise. He had to stake them apart and each one needed his own house (half a barrel).

  13. Congratulations on getting settled in. The offer still stands, not sure what you might need but I'll help you out if I can.

  14. Glad things are getting up to speed there! You any any friends of yours are welcome here anytime!

  15. Well, on the bright side, the chickens do eat bugs out of the lawn, so that could be a positive. You may want to have something at your entry doors to get the chicken s#!t off your shoes when you come inside, though.

  16. Anonymous11:57 PM

    i hope you get settled in rapidly

  17. Welcome home!! Laissez les bon temps rouler!

  18. If you need a vet rec, ours was wonderful! They're Uptown, but worth the trip. They also do doggy daycare/puppy playtime. Crescent City Veterinary Hospital on Jefferson Avenue. Tell them you knew Bouie Paulson!