Monday, March 21, 2016

Here...sort of.

So I'm here in New Orleans...and finally back on the internet, at least part time.

Had a great night with Keads, followed by 14 hours on the road to get here, complete with thunderstorms, a major traffic jam in Atlanta, and an hour and a half lost trying to find a place to receive a few last-minute documents related to my house closing and fax them on to the other waiting parties.

The next morning, bright and early, Belle and Murphy made it right out of the yard in record time. Belle was resecured easily but Murphy...well he ran around the corner and disappeared, only to come back a minute later, chasing a chicken.

Yep. Damn dog found one of the free-range chickens that infest this new neighborhood. Yeah...that's not weird. Neighbors all say that they appeared after Katrina and have been around ever since.

Everything got unloaded ok (And for the record, I have way too much stuff. WAY too much.) but in the process, I over did it on my leg and have been having nothing but trouble with it since. I was messed up all week-end, and I made it to my first day of work on crutches--NOT the first impression that I wanted to make. And now I'm sitting here in New Orleans, the place I'd dreamed of getting back to for years, only to be immobile, stuck on the damned couch while waiting for the leg to heal. Life can be a ball-buster sometimes.

Aaron was a help getting moved down here, that's for sure. I likely couldn't have done it without him. He, of course, made several small blog posts about it and they can be found here.

I'll have full internet next week, so pictures will resume. Until then, it's just typing and bitching from my couch.

Murphy and Belle seem to be settling in ok, and they'll be back in pictures next week too.

Lots of future adventure here, but for now, just down-time and missing a lot of great friends that I left behind. You all know who you are.


  1. Oh, crud. I sure hope it heals quick. It's a season that should be particularly fine in the Big Easy.

  2. Glad you made it. As to the other stuff, remember....You ain't 26 anymore! ;-)

  3. So happy to hear you made it down and without any issues (save for the traffic). I don't even want to imagine what the posts would have sounded like if you had to explain your haul to any officers in the pass through states.
    The Shekel Blog was very informative and the updates were nice to read, short and with a photo. Perfect.
    And on another note, I have no idea what a beignet is, but now after his latest post, all I know is I want one. Man that looks yummy.

    Hope your leg feels better soon. Oh and hey if you can manage to capture a few of those wayward chickens, just think of all the money you can save on eggs. Tell Murphy to grab gently on the neck, you want retrieval as a whole, not in parts. ;-)

    Best of luck in your new home.

  4. You were the talk of the town last night. You are definitely missed and many stories were told.
    Enjoy your new digs and recover quickly, brotha.
    Glad Murphy and Belle are doing good after such a long ride, pats to them for us.

  5. You made it okay, that is what counts. Recover and hit the job running! :-) Soooo... You gonna be painting chickens by the door for each kill Murphy gets? ;-D

  6. Prayers and love. Don't push the recovery and make it LONGER.
    Love idea of tracking Murphy's kills!!!

  7. Holy tamale! I've been too busy to read my fav guys lately and had no idea of the changes. Suffice to say, if you find yourself needing trustworthy muscle for sorting out the new place, I can send my husband for a few days. Kind of nice to know we're just down the road - in Texas terms that means 6 hours, give or take. Congrats on the work, home, and the dogs making it safely!!

  8. I'm going to give you a few weeks to ease into the new situation, but expect a Barbecue invite in 3 or 4 weeks!

  9. Dude. Rest and get better! Really great to see you and the mutts last week. Thanks for making the effort to stop by.

  10. Well the DC area ain't gonna be the same without you. But now I have a good excuse to visit the Big Easy. Other than the National WWII Museum of course. :)

  11. Hey Murphy;

    The traffic in Atlanta always suck...I know...I live here. Unless you come through will get hung up by construction....accidents....or both. As long as Murphy shares the kill with the alpha male..all is good. and keep a kill tally.

  12. I'm glad your settled, hope the leg quits bothering you and you enjoy your new home and job.

  13. I'm glad your settled, hope the leg quits bothering you and you enjoy your new home and job.

  14. Happy that you made it, with the pooches. Welcome back to Central Time.

  15. Anonymous11:23 PM

    I am glad to hear you made it safe.
    I am not surprised Murphy found something to chase.

  16. Free-range chickens, huh? Have to start thinning those out, learn wha ta real chicken tastes like.

  17. Good to hear you made it relatively unscathed!
    Hope your leg improves soon.
    And Murphy doesn't choke any chickens...


  18. Best of luck in your new abode.

  19. Good - I'm glad you and the dogs made it safe and sound.