Friday, April 08, 2016

Another police officer attacked; attacker's family cries over result.

In Gallatin, TN, a Sheriff's Deputy was attacked by a woman with an axe while helping carry our an eviction from a local public housing complex. A responding Gallatin officer was then set upon by this same woman as he exited his car. She charged at him and ignored his commands to stop and he took action to protect himself. Watch the video here and see how fast it unfolded. Note that he retreated while trying to give her commands but she kept coming.

Heart-stopping video shows the moment police officer fatally shot ax-wielding woman

The woman, identified as Laronda Sweatt, was shot twice and assumed room temperature shortly afterwards.

Predictably, her momma and other ran to the news to condemn the police officer and defend this "good woman".

Ella Sweatt is Laronda's mother and told WKRN: 'Laronda was a very sweet, caring person until you pushed her.' (Translation: "push her" and she stops being sweet.)
'Laronda wasn't violent unless you made her violent.' (Translation: She got violent.)
'Her and I had our ups and downs, but...' (Translation: Even Momma couldn't handle her at times. But...)
Ella Sweatt also said: 'Laronda didn't like to fight. (Translation: She fought.)
'All through school the child had to fight. They picked on her because she was small. (Translation: She fought a lot.)
'She was my only child out of five...' Can't even translate that.
'She died a beautiful lady. And I'm not gonna be satisfied until I get the truth.' (Translation: I want the cop in jail and I want a pail of cash.)

Henry Apple, Sweatt's cousin, was among numerous family and friends who gathered at Sumner Regional Medical Center in Gallatin on Wednesday.
“She was a good person,” Apple said. “It could have been avoided, him killing her and shooting her in the chest like that. It could have been avoided.”
Apple said Sweatt had "a mental problem". (Translation: "She was nuts and we all knew it, and she was hitting folks with an axe, but that don't matter now because police shot her.")

Bottom line is, at the end of the day, all of the police officers and innocent bystanders went home safe and sound, and one less unstable axe-murderer wanna-be is out of circulation. Still, I'm sure that the #BlackLivesMatter-but-only-if-white-police-are-involved racists will be along shortly to protest this and loot some local businesses in her honor.

Watch the shooting video again. Fast, huh? If you carry as an officer or civilian, are you ready for something like that?


  1. Good lessons for us all.
    If you attack, prepare to be stopped.
    If someone attacks, be prepared to stop them.

    Glad it worked out for all the innocents.


  2. Also a good example of why someone with a knife shouldn't be underestimated. It goes fast.

  3. 'She was my only child out of five...' Can't even translate that.

    Translation: my baby daddy has five kids with five different baby mommas. So this one is actually mine.

  4. So she was swinging an axe? I wondered what that was in her hand. Now I know they would say, "Why not shoot her in the leg/hand?" Answer, "Cause the bullet might miss/go through and it someone else." But they don't care. They want it to be police brutality.

    Now sometimes it is, but in this case it wasn't.

  5. Anonymous11:21 PM

    Get stupid attack a police officer with an axe you get dead.

  6. Never bring an ax to a gun fight.....

  7. That big man was backing up as much and as fast as he could. She was not ABOUT to stop advancing on him. He told her to drop it, get on the ground ... he ran out of room, he ran out of options, and she ran out of time. That's all it was. His only choice was whether she did the "Lizzie Bordon" trick on him, or he put her down. Anybody who never found yourself in that kind of situation? Thank whatever god you believe in that you don't have to live with the doubts and second-guessing that officer has in his head for the rest of his life.

  8. You know the BLM folks are going to be outraged.

    After all, this "non-violent", "innocent" woman just wanted to ax him a question, and he shot her.

    1. Love it. I guess she axed him the wrong question. Anybody know how you say "Get on the ground!" in Ebonics? Maybe that was the problem.

    2. You just hurt my brain...

  9. She was going to turn her life around and go back to school the very next day

  10. Unfortunately, we seem to be at the point that no matter which party gets the WH in November, there's a critical mass of gimmedats, professional victims, and their sympathizers, who virtually guarantee that within half a dozen years - if not sooner - there will be coast to coast civil unrest/anarchy/revolution. It will occur either because they get cut off from the public dole by productive society, or because their liberal enablers are finally forced to admit that Mother Hubbard's cupboard has gone bare.

  11. He did what he had to do. Period...

  12. Yes Old NFO, he did.. several times more!

  13. If it comes to me or someone intent on hurting me and I have done everything to escape. We shall see. The officer did everything right IMHO.

  14. Hey Murphy;

    The PoPo did everything right but it won't matter to the BLM crowd and their enablers...they just scored the "Ghetto Lottery" and will try to ride this as long as they can.

  15. Nice translation.

  16. Good shoot but I have to wonder why he did not stay behind cover and chose to move away from cover. Still a good shoot regardless.

  17. Who were the two guys behind her? And why were they just standing there? When he took the shots, looked to me like they were in the line of fire. Not a criticism of the officer, but more of them. A person's got a gun out and pointed, I don't want to be in the front hemisphere without something large and metallic between me and him.

  18. Looks like he backed into another arriving police unit, and that forced his hand about having to shoot right then.

    Poor situational sense on the arriving officer's part, to just drive up behind an officer pointing his gun at someone, and park it. I suspect a conversation will occur between them.