Monday, May 09, 2016

French Quarter Sunday

It was a beautiful day in the Big Easy on Sunday, so I took Thing One and Thing Two for a stroll through the French Quarter.
Down on Decatur Street, a pick-up drove by with a fat guy and a miniature horse in the bed. The dogs were seriously intrigued.
I yelled out: "Hey, man, what are doing with that horse in the truck?" Man shouts back: "Taking him for a ride."
Well ok, then. I quit being surprised by things that I see here.

A short time on, a lady came over to pet the dogs. She asked me their names, and upon finding out that Belle was a girl dog, she gave Belle some beads.

Belle, being a girl, loves her baubles and finery.

Then it was down to the river to chill out on the grass while I read my book for a bit.

And along came a freighter, upbound and empty.

Then it was down to the steps so the dogs could drink.
It went ok this time. Last week we came here and Belle, walking on a step covered by a few inches of water, slipped and fell in and and wound up swimming and pretty miffed. She's not a water dog. And right about the time that I managed to fish her out, I heard a big splash behind me as Murphy--who IS a water dog--cannonballed right in. Idiot. Finally I got him out, and had the pleasure of walking two dripping wet dogs home through the French Quarter. And all the way home, people had to stop me and ask if my dogs had been swimming.

No. They just sweat a lot. Here's your sign.


  1. Belle looks quite demure with the beads around her neck...not at all like an escape artist and troublemaker (as with most ladies).

  2. LOL, welcome to NOLA and the 'characters'...

  3. Belle looks so sweet with her new beads. You would never think she was an escape artist

  4. Looks like a great day was had by all!