Monday, June 06, 2016

New Orleans buskers

These three were among the many street musicians that I saw yesterday. And they were good.

The French Quarter is filled with these folks.

I hate panhandlers who just sit there asking for money but people who play good music or do neat tricks...them I'll support.


  1. What? No trumpet players? Or sax?

  2. Not seeing a whole lot of them these days for some reason. Violins are by far the most common. Pity--a good horn cannot be beat.

    1. Perhaps a good horn can't be beat, but a good drum can.

  3. We saw and heard those two girls when we were there - they were very very good.

  4. Anonymous5:00 PM

    Making some great music no doubt

  5. How much do the buskers expect you to tip them in exchange for a photo? I've seen some who were great about pictures as long as someone threw some money down. Others could get cranky if the person snapping the pics didn't offer up some greenbacks.

  6. Read where if you stop and listen to buskers, you owe them a dollar.
    But that was a few years ago, might be more now.
    Don't know the price of a picture.

  7. I got Louisiana and east Texas as my first AO in this job. First time I went to NO, I decided to check out Bourbon St. I was just walking along when I heard, "Is it a man, is it a woman, come on in and find out!" The person in question was quite pretty, but this old country boy was suddenly confused... and that won't do. so.......... I went to the river and listened to some street jazz.... and I went to the river and listened to the music every trip after that. If I can't trust my own eyes.....