Saturday, August 06, 2016

Hiroshima Day

71 years ago today, we took a decisive step to ending World War Two.

Most of the media no longer brings this day up. Mustn't offend all the "victims", ya know.

But the other day, I had occasion to mention this day's historical significance and...well let us say that it did not go all that well.

The bar that I was in was contemplating a theme party for tonight. They do them weekly but didn't know what to do for tonight. I remembered what day it was and I suggested that they do a "Hiroshima Day" theme. Everyone looked at me all puzzled so I explained what the date meant and said "Just tell everyone to wear something Japanese, come on in and get bombed!"

And once again, I was reminded that I live on a very blue island in the middle of an otherwise wonderfully red state. The wails of anguish could probably be heard on the next block, and...well let's just say that I wasn't the most popular person there after that.

Oh's not like there's a shortage of bars around here.

Anyone got any more hipster repellent? I seem to be out for the moment.


  1. Oh wow... Nobody knew??? WTF?

    1. It's a younger crowd there. I'm probably the only one there old enough to have voted for President Reagan. On the other hand, I suspect that most of them could name all of the Kardashians.

    2. They don't teach history or government any more in high school.

  2. Heh. There goes that lack of filter again.

    1. It's amazing what a few drinks can do. But on the plus side, I'd never know that I was insensitive and a racist if all these people didn't tell me from time to time. (Can you be a "sensitive racist"? Would that be ok?)

  3. Nicely done. You could have also told them it was "Don't start a war if you can't take a joke day".

  4. Been there - Done that!
    In a different venue and subject.
    One of the anniversaries of the death of (Princess) Diana, a coworker was going on about how wonderful she was.
    And I remarked (because I rarely use a filter in my speech) "I thought we fought a war to get away from those A$$&*&%S!"
    Yeah, not real popular.
    A military friend (whose dad fought in WWII) often says on Pearl Harbor Day, "Take a Jap to breakfast, then stab him in the back!"
    People have no sense of humor...


  5. Funny thing is, if we hadn't dropped the bombs, quite a few of those hipsters calling you names wouldn't be here. Their dads (or grandfathers) would have been killed in the invasion of Japan.

  6. Hey Murphy;

    That is some funny stuff there..or I am just warped I guess

  7. Murphy's Law,

    I call people like this the "perpetually offended". I have an office full of them. The bitching and moaning never stops with these people. Egg shell walking necessary at all times. Sorry this happened to you. Those of us who actually use our minds would not have been offended by your comments.

    Stay strapped! (One of my favorite lines from the most-excellent movie 13 Hours)

  8. Japan, all through the war, looked for the 'decisive battle'.

    They found it, August 6th. And it was decisive!

  9. Idiots. They can't recognize that the Japanese were just about to enter wholesale starvation. They wouldn't surrender though. We saved MIllions of Japanese and who knows many American soldiers and sailors. Liberals=Can't face reality.
    leaperman looks like the muffluletta looks like a plain damn sandwhich.

  10. Anonymous2:37 AM

    On the other hand, I suspect that most of them could name all of the Kardashians. Sad but true