Sunday, September 11, 2016

A Displaced Louisiana Day.

So today, the dogs and I had a visit from Baton Rouge in the form of Displaced Louisiana Guy, who came to hang out, eat food, drink beer and deliver a holster that he spent some time making.

Here's the finished product;

It's a beautifully stitched left'handed cross-draw holster for my Uberti Colt SAA clone which will enable me to wear it in the fashion of Western icon Lee VanCleef, who always wore his gun cross-draw beneath a bad-looking coat.
The pistol fits great, but I'm going to need a bit of new wardrobe to cover it properly so I didn't wear it when we went out.

After DPL petted Murphy and Belle for a while and validated their little egos, we went out to Chalmette Battlefield to see where the Brits under Packingham got totally shellacked by Andrew Jackson and his men, earning him a place on our money until Barack "I hate America's white heroes of the past" Obama unilaterally decided to replace him last year.

Then we went to Jackson Barracks, the Louisiana National Guard facility, to see and photograph all of the wonderful tanks and aircraft on display outside of their museum. which was regrettably closed on Sundays. And alas, as we drove onto post, the MP at the gate gave us two instructions:

1. You cannot take pictures here on the post.
2. If you do take pictures, they cannot show any of the buildings.

Well ok then...and damn. I interpreted that to mean "leave the nice camera in the car and sneak shots with the camera phone then crop the hell out of them".

So here's an F-15 on a stick for Juvat.

There was an F-4 Phantom in there too that I wanted, but I would have been seen trying for it, so I did not. I did get these great shots of their A-26 Invader, one of my favorite things with wings.
There was an F-86 with the radar nose and the belly-mounted rocket launcher, too.
And an F-102 Delta Dagger, partially hidden behind Displaced Louisiana Guy.

There were several tanks and armored vehicles there, but all were in direct line of sight of the MP who'd told us "no pictures" so there's none of those today. But rest assured, I'll go back soon and get the proper permission to get better ones.

We did find this groovy Dodge Command Car that really looked sharp.

I told DPL not to mess with it, but he did not listen.

Oh, wow. That engine has new wires and belts and obviously runs.
Now close that back up before you get us in trouble, DPL! Sheesh.

Then it started to rain on us so we drove back to the French Quarter where is was not raining and I took him to a bar that serves fantastic "Hangover Burgers" which are topped with, among other things, hash browns and a fried egg. Oh, heaven..especially when accompanied by a couple large Abita Amber drafts.

Then we wandered around the Quarter and got an after-dinner coffee.

Then we strolled some more and ogled the chicks enjoyed the street scenes for a bit before DPL realized what time it was and had to call the Missus and ask for permission to stay a bit longer.

Yeah, nice bag, right? Man walks down the street carrying that bag, people know he's not afraid of anything.

Then it was into Lafitte's Blacksmith Shop for one more beer.

It was a good day and hopefully he comes back again soon.


  1. Looks like a great day. You have no 'contact me' info posted, so let me say that the Missus and I will be in NOLA from Sunday night through Thursday am and I would love to shake your hand and pet Murphy and Belle as a way of saying thank you for years of enjoyment. Sorry to clog up this post.

    1. Well drop me a line at: and I'd love the opportunity.

      I don't monitor that address regularly but I'll check it until I hear from you.

    2. Emailed right away?

    3. Send it. give me a phone #.

  2. Anonymous7:26 PM

    Great pictures

  3. Lafitte's was my favorite place when I was down there before Katrina.

    And, oh good, two guys together who have to touch as soon as they are told not to... A go-fund-me page may be necessary for bail money.

  4. Nice holster, and great pics!


  5. Thanks for the Eagle and the Dog model Sabre pics. Dad flew that model Sabre. Sounds like you had a good time.
    "After DPL petted Murphy and Belle for a while and validated their little egos"
    Not sure you used the right adjective there at the end.

  6. Sounds like a great day! I have about 4000 hours in the -65 version of the T-39 (had much bigger engines and range). It has the exact same wing as that Sabre. LOVED that bird. Took the boss into a very short strip in the Bahamas where they never saw jets, and popped out wearing shorts and a T shirt, as when it was really hot he let us fly "casual". It often took some convincing of the locals that I was actually the Captain.

  7. Nice leather! No tie-down?

    1. Nope! And it's fitted to the gun, unlike the "gun buckets" ya'll run. It's canted more than the original Lee Van Cleef rig, as well, so it can be worn on a regular belt, and so you can sit down with it on.

      Also, Murph, I had a blast. The burgers were awesome. I actually plan on doing some blogging about the trip, among other things, once I have a chance to breathe around here!

  8. Good looking holster, DPL is creating some really good pieces of work. Nice pic's to, the A-26 and F-86D are personal favorites of mine. I'd forgotten about the F-86 wing being used for the T-39 until Brigid mentioned it. I can only imagine how big a smile she had while flying that plane.

  9. Looks like a fun day! :-)

  10. Good looking colt clone you have there. Looks like y'all enjoyed the day. Watch out for dlg teaching you bad habits, he has had ample lessons from his older brothers!