Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Oh yeah...

Grilled oysters and garlic bread at midnight. With beer.

Probably not the best decision when I've gotta be at work at seven, but right now, it works for me.

So damned good.

I love this city.


  1. Felix, or Acme? When we come to the French Quarter, one of the first stops is either Felix's or Acme. We can tell which one the Food Network was at last, because the line is around the corner, so we go across the street to the other, and get a table.

    1. Local bar down the street from my house. Old man grills them on a bbq made from an old steel drum on Tuesday nights. But in the Quarter, ACME all the way. NEVER Felix. I have not forgotten how bad the service was when I took my friend Aaron and his wife there almost twenty years ago. We finally walked out and left the food on the table. Only time I've ever done that at any restaurant. I forget the details but not the poor treatment.

  2. At least you got the beer part right.

  3. I was thinking Acme too... sigh... Missing Hank's in Panama Beach, a dozen for $3.95...

  4. You had me at garlic can have the oysters!

  5. Hm. Oysters are hit and miss with me. Crush in Bawlmer had these amazing little ones fried that I adored. I've tried raw but been puzzeled as to the attraction. This is something different.

    But did you ever wonder who first said "Hey! These things look like a loogy and should be a culinary sensation!"?

  6. I find Drago's to be superior to ACME in the chargrilled oyster department. Other side of Harrah's in the base of the Hilton. But done out back on a steel drum grill probably gives them a run for their money.

  7. Anonymous7:58 PM

    I love oysters any way I can get them