Friday, September 23, 2016

Small world...again

So I'm in bed for the night, ready to get a good night's sleep. Suddenly there's noise outside. Fireworks. Down on the river. So I get up, go outside, and take my bike down a block to the corner bar to stand in the street and watch them with everyone else. Rumor has it, it has something to to with the Saints.

Anyway, when they were done, an old man there invited me in to shoot some pool. So I went in to shoot pool and have a drink at the bar. And I got to be talking to a woman sitting next to me at the bar. Turns out that we were both living in Detroit at the same time 20 years ago, and lived RIGHT AROUND THE BLOCK FROM EACH OTHER. For three years, we lived a block apart and we both went to the same university there. Gotta wonder how many times we passed right by each other and never even knew that two decades down the road, we'd be reunited in some bar nearly 1200 miles away.

This city is so weird for stuff like this. And I love it.


  1. That's pretty cool, right there.

  2. Yeah. My sister gets around more than I. Every five years, she and her two best friends pick some city and take a vacation there.
    Last time I think it was Charlotte, N.C.
    (My sister is from Flagstaff, AZ.)
    INVARIABLY, they run into someone she knew from Flagstaff - and she's not lived there for over 20 years!
    Strange ol'world, or Twilight Zone moment.
    You choose...


  3. We are planning to go back to Place D'Armes next year. I would really love to meet Murph and Belle - and buy you a drink. But meeting the pack is the draw... Did a lot of traveling in Motown (shout-out to Gonella's!) so I'm looking forward to buting a round or so.

  4. That would be "buying" not "buting".....