Saturday, October 01, 2016

And they wonder why I never take them anyplace.

Loading up fr the range this morning. Dogs are all excited like they're going too. They're not.

Before the day is even underway, Murphy bolts out the front door to chase cats and I have to pursue him down the block. He goes into the back yard of a vacant house, and since the local drug users have left the back door open, he goes INSIDE and now I have to clear a freaking crack house by myself to get my dog back. Good thing I already had my S&W M&P 45 in my holster and my flashlight in my pocket. Damned dog.

I get him home and inside, and as I'm finishing my load-out of gun stuff, I hear a "CLICK CLICK CLICK CLICK of paws on a window. I turn around and Belle is up on her hind legs going to town on the inside of my front window. And then she snags the blinds and shreds them right in front of me. My last damned one, too. Now I got to stop at Home Depot and buy three or four more.

Just screw both of these asshole dogs this morning. And they wonder why they don't get to go anywhere nice.



  1. Ah well...the joys of pet ownership...interior demolitions and outdoor explorations.

  2. You could put bars on the inside of the windows to keep the dogs off the window treatments.😀

  3. Pay for enough blinds and they'll eventually have you trained to raise them or stop buying them. ;)

    1. There WERE half way up. A German Shepherd up on the hind legs can reach up 5-6 feet. She had plenty of space to see out--there was no call for this.

  4. Vertical Blinds.... The dogs will move them out of the way rather than paw the hell out of them.