Friday, November 11, 2016

Friday night, New Orleans

It's Friday. I had the day off so I've been running and roaming the French Quarter.

The universal butt-hurt over Tuesday is still hanging on this city like a cloud. Many, many people are still upset and I have seen tears today as allegedly grown women pronounce themselves "scared" and blame "white supremacist rednecks" (all 60,000,000 of them, I guess) for this shocking turn of events.

One saleswoman came into a restaurant today to talk to the manager, and she said that she's have been in Wednesday when she was supposed to except that she's been so upset that she'd been in bed crying for the last two days. So hard not to laugh in my beer.

Coffee shop in the Quarter looked like a hippie drum circle that got rained out and lost their drums, and they were arguing among themselves about what this means for America's future. I'd have gloated over my stock market gains, but that's just bad form, especially when I was probably the only one in the shop with so much as a bank account much less any money in the market.

And of course the first semi-local Special Snowflake that ran to the media claiming that Trump supporters attacked her has been proven to have lied and now faces charges after getting a ton of sympathy from her fellow snowflakes and her college administrators.

Lafayette woman to be charged for false claim that Trump supporters robbed her, newspaper reports

Hell, I wouldn't be missing this for the world. All entertainment and all free. Bwahahahahaha!


  1. I've been watching all this with outright amazement. Partially, at least, because of how hard the media is trying to legitimize it.

    Well, too bad so sad. Maybe they will all go to Canada or Africa.

  2. All of these colleges who bow to their snowflakes' demands for counseling when the "wrong" candidate wins should not expect me (or, for that matter, any astute employer) to hire their graduates. Things are not always going to go they way you had hoped.

    This is especially true in the practice of law. If I hire you, are you going to demand counseling every time a judge rules against you?

  3. Lots of Munchausen by proxy by the special snowflakes... sigh

  4. I tell you all employers should be looking very carefully at this new sign of the next generation attitude. I would only hire "Baby Boomers" and Seniors if it were up to me. Millennials need not apply. Can you imagine? I can't take my test because I am too sad because my "team" lost? What the hell? Then when you fire them for their poor work ethic, their go to is Riot/Protest and Sue to get their way because that's how we get our way! Shaking my head.

    1. "Riot/Protest and Sue". A fine bunch of lawyers. No good in court but they'll hold your hand for $50 per hour.

    2. What about 80's kids?

  5. YES!!!!!!
    Tom Kratman has a good article on it.
    The smugness has even been named.