Wednesday, November 23, 2016

I can so relate

Sent to me by a friend. Yeah, this is my world.


  1. What were they doing on the floor in the first place?

    Laughing my ass off here, boss.

  2. Heh, in my house the brownies would be gone and the kids and dog would have on very innocent expressions. They know better than to leave evidence behind.

  3. Our dearly beloved, much missed Bichon, Scooter, once pulled the aluminum foil off a tray of freshly-baked brownies, ate half the tray, and then put the foil back in place when he was done!. Swear to God, if I'm lying may lightning strike me dead.

    Amazingly enough, he didn't get so much as a bellyache. Which honestly shocked us all seeing as how chocolate is supposed to be fatal to dogs. Maybe there just wasn't enough chocolate in the mix? Who knows. Either way, the little bugger lived another... seven?... eight?... years after the incident.

    1. Chocolate doesn'thurt dogs. It may give them diarrhea, but it's not toxic. i've been feeding dogs chocolate for years. Some of them love it.

  4. Anonymous5:24 PM

    The paw print of approval

  5. Hey Murphy;

    Looks like the cover of Tom Rogneby "Daddy bear" book, LOL

  6. My mother a"h used to keep cakes and pies in the oven, lest they acquire cat footprints in the night. To this day I check that the oven is empty before turning it on.