Tuesday, December 20, 2016

They're heeeereeeeee!

My mother and sister and nephew Spud have come to visit for a week.

And it starts like this:

Me: So, you shoot that pistol I got you last Christmas lately? (I made her promise to practice regularly and gave her ammo to do so.)

Her: No. I haven't been able to get out. (She lives in a large urban area surrounded by ranges.)

Me (sighing): OK, I will loan you one here to carry when we're out after dark. Tomorrow I'll take you to the range and we'll do some familiarization work. (I'll be giving her a similar but different pistol and a different holster.)

Her (indignantly): I don't need any "familiarization"! I still remember how to shoot it!

My first thought was that she can just carry a freaking rock in her pocket for the next week, but realistically, this is probably the only practice she'll get with a firearm of any kind so I explained to her that she hasn't shot a Glock and that even I'd be taking one to the range for some re-familiarization before carrying one if I hadn't carried one in a year. That seemed to mollify her.

She wanted a pistol last year. Much as I had my reservations, I got her into a quality concealed carry class (Thanks, Aaron) and bought her a S&W Shield hoping that it might instill a sense of responsibility. As expected, her promises to train with it regularly weren't kept. But in the end I'm the dumb ass who armed her, so now it's on me to make sure that she gets at least a little practice and discussion about self-defense at least once a year. So tomorrow...range time.


A long week, this shall be. /Yodavoice.


  1. Screwed, you are...

  2. Family range training... The Horror! The HORROR!

  3. S&W 5 shot Centennial .38 (642 I suggest) and no reload.

    That's all she gets. Very little practice needed for kissing distance shooting.

    And yes, that is exactly what my mother has. She never practices.

  4. Good luck - https://youtu.be/aB2yqeD0Nus