Sunday, February 12, 2017

Krewe du Vieux

Last night was one of the first parades f the Mardi Gras season--Krewe du Vieux.

I went--of course--and it was definitely crowded and festive, but every one of the eleven floats was dedicated to insulting Donald Trump. Seriously, Krewe planners? Are you still that torn up about not winning an election? What could have been fun for everybody was pretty much turned into a childish display of anger and petulance...and a perfect demonstration of why that side lost in November.

Anyone else remember how traumatized the lefties were when a Texas parade had one float showing Obama and Hillary in jail? Or the time a rodeo clown got fired for lampooning Obama?

Well the left proves once again that their "principled outrage" is selective and depends on whether or not they are in power. Eleven floats here and at least nine of them and hundreds of marchers were devoted to disrespecting a President who just took office and hasn't even done anything to them yet.

Pathetic displays by the Krewe aside, it was still sorta fun. This nice girl kept giving me jello shots.

And it's ok...I know her. I'm not in the habit of taking strange drinks from random strange women...not yet, anyway.

There were unicorns, at least.

Still worth going to--you really can't NOT go. I just kept smiling to myself over the Trump hate, because while they've been spending hundreds of collective hours making their floats, the guy that they obsess over has been sitting in the White House, likely not thinking about them at all.

More pics here...lots more.


  1. It looks like fun - floats notwithstanding. And take it easy with drinks from strange girls. One may slip you something and take advance of you.

  2. Seem to remember an outpouring over the previous perv, but taking the fun out of it. If you cannot denegrate the incumbent, thru comedy, and then get tweeted at!!!! And you have to have a few screws loose for that job.

  3. Good one, and too funny... Trump could care less...

    1. Exactly. He's too busy keeping a lot of his campaign promises right now. It's refreshing to watch.

  4. Anonymous6:16 PM

    These snowflakes need to suck it up and move on

  5. Let em hate. They are irrelevant at the moment. Pouty 'lil kids pretending to be grown-ups.

  6. We already knew they were ugly. Now they are dancing around and roaring their ugliness. Go ahead. And come on 2018.