Friday, November 16, 2018

Down on the border

Lucky me--an all-expense paid trip to somewhere on the Mexican border courtesy of my job. Apparently my President needed me here, so I'm now here, battling illegals, smugglers and fucking Cholla cactuses. (Yeah, one of the latter got me good yesterday.) So stay tuned for pics and tales from the front line as time and internet connectivity allows.

Left side of fence: Mexico. Right side: The sovereign United States of America.
Bottle used by illegals to carry water, discarded roughly six miles north of the border.


  1. Stay safe down there, my friend.

  2. Ditto Rev. Paul.

  3. That American wall is pretty darn terrifying.

  4. Ew, cholla. That's some nasty stuff.

    Our military is on the Texas border when we knew they'd head for the sanctuary state of CA. I'm afraid I'm not taking Trump or Mattis seriously right now about keeping this horde out.

  5. So, you will update, with pictures, of the bevy of lovely ladies who are now taking care of the wonder-dogs, right?

    Take care of yourself. This whole issue looks to be devolving into some nasty Pancho Villa stuff. Though I do believe A-10s are a tad more useful than some Curtis pusher.