Saturday, December 01, 2018


Yesterday our operations were disrupted when five buses stopped on Mexico Highway 2 just on the other side of our border fence and 217 Guatemalans got off, walked over our fence and onto our country, and sat down to await Border Patrol. They do this regularly now and this bunch admitted coming from Tijuana where they arrived with the caravans. They didn't seem to know--or wouldn't say--who chartered the buses. What they do know is that they claim asylum, then they get a court date and released into the US until the hearing. Of course they'll never show up and we'll have to hunt them down and try to deport them one by one.

This screwed us up because it took every single Border Patrol Agent in the sector to process them, meaning no one was watching any of the rest of the fence or the interior checkpoint. And the cartels know this and exploit the opportunity to move whatever they want into our country.

My small unit had an operation planned that needed support from Border Patrol and we got hosed and had to improvise. This meant a lot more walking for us but we finally got to a location where we could watch the border with some pretty good optics where we expected a smuggler crossing attempt. We came up empty again, seeing nothing but their own scout in an observation post on the Mexican side of the border. So we spent hours watching a Mexican in Mexico as he spied on our border. But alas, no smugglers came. We just watched the scout cook his dinner while we snacked on trail mix, fruit and peanut M&M's. After dark we put our night vision on, but nothing human moved below so finally we broke it down and hiked back out.

Scout spotted with excellent optics on the far hill.

Close-up of the ridge where he is. About half way down the spine, just below the organ pipe cactus. Can you see him? He's only about threee miles away.

Today, every time we tried to do anything near the border, more small groups of Hondurans and Guatemalans came across the fence and waited grinning to be taken in. we can't do a thing to protect our borders now because we're all too busy ferrying these invaders around like some sort of large-scale welfare Uber.

But my detail here ends tomorrow, and I'll be replaced by others. It's been educational but frustrating, and between being undermined by the liberals and watching our system be gamed and abused by hordes of foreign invaders who have clearly been coached on where to cross and what to say when they get here, I'm ready to just get back to my bars and burlesque girls in New Orleans.

Anyone who votes for politicians who support this sort of open borders nonsense is aiding and abetting the destruction of our country. Build the damn wall already.


  1. What if we strung concertina wire as a stop gap and made them climb the wall and get stuck in it before we talked asylum? Would that help? We've seen a lot of wire being strung, but that's down by TJ.

  2. After the hand grenade attack at the US Consulate at Guadalajara, they will be looking for some US types to bolster existing security. (An opportunity to expand your resume)

  3. Have a safe trip home - I'm sure your furry friends will be glad to see you - consider posting a video of the reunion!

    Wonder what Bill Jordan and others of his generation of Border Patrolmen would do in response to the crazy policies in place today? We not only need to build the wall but also need to change/reform our laws on immigration!

  4. “Any of you guardsmen seen an M18 go off? Would you like to?”

  5. The press reported that Trump was holding asylum seekers at the border. Any thoughts? Safe travels and say hello to the furry monsters for me.

  6. Sorry your time hasn't been 'productive' by your normal standards. And thanks for the honest reporting of what is really going on down there.

  7. smh, this really makes me tight in the jaws

  8. Thanks again for being there, Murph.

    Safe travels home....