Friday, November 19, 2021

The Jury has decided...Now what?


Now what should happen?

1. The Left should learn that when they try to co-opt and shape an event for their own ends, people WILL eventually see through it.

2. Mr. Rittenhouse should be suing every leftist that has called him a "murderer" or "White Supremacist", and that includes Joe Biden along with CNN, MSNBC, Washington Post, New York Times, and many, many more.

3. Mr. Rittenhouse needs to get his gun back. Failing that, the rest of us should buy him another one. And send him to a couple good tactical and judgment shooting schools. He really shouldn't have put himself in that situation but he had the right to be there and he survived attacks by multiple leftists who tried to take that right--and his life--away from him.

4. Someone needs to offer Mr. Rittenhouse a good job and a scholarship. He deserves his life back.

5. Gabe Grosskruetz, needs to be charged with felonious assault for attacking Mr. Rittenhouse with that Glock pistol. 

6. Every Leftist mad about this outcome should line up and start kicking rocks and pounding sand until they get over it.

7. At least one Member of Congress needs to invite Mr. Rittenhouse to be their special guest at the next Presidential Address.

Yes, this pleases me. 


  1. I'd add one more. The prosecutor should be disbarred and charged the maximum charge there is (I'm not a lawyer, but being the government and using/falsifying evidence as the prosecutor ought to be a long sentence felony).
    Other than that, Murph, spot on as usual.

  2. Fuck Joe Biden, fuck all libtards, fuck the MSM (mud slinging media).

  3. By the way, excellent verdicts, excellent jurors, super judge and the best prosecutor that Kyle could have hoped to have on his case (he was either in Kyle's corner all the way or merely an inept, corrupt, political lying sack of shit but either way he helped Kyle win the trial.

  4. Now he should sue and sue and sue and sue. They tried and are still trying to ruin him. He needs to fight back and make it too expensive an objective.

    And I may punch the next person who does the " wouldn't have happened if he had just stayed home" crap. It wouldn't have happened if a bunch of sewer rats hadn't been trying to burn down the city. If THEY had stayed home it never would have happened.

    And we've sent thousands of 18 year olds to fight and die in Vietnam, in Europe, in the Philippines. In our Civil War. In our Revolution. Stop treating him as a child. He stepped up when others were standing around, wringing their hands, and crying.

    And no matter how they try to use the word victim for Rosenbaum there were at least 5 people who were freed by his death (and probably many more): the 5 whom he raped and abused when they were children. They are finally free of him. They'll never have to have nightmares about him attacking them again. They'll never have to worry that they might see him in a crowd again. They are FREE. And maybe that's why Kyle Rittenhouse was there that night. Sometimes good people have to do bad things in order that others can be safe.

  5. I'll add that Mr. Grosskruetz needs to be charged with carrying a concealed weapon without a permit, and also charged as a convicted felon in position of a firearm.

  6. Hey Murph;

    Well said

  7. One more to add to what juvat said - besides being disbarred, Binger the Idiot should face aggravated assault charges for pointing Kyle's AR-15 at the people in the courtroom, with his finger on the trigger no less... he should not get a pass on the law because of his position

  8. They also need to charge and try JumpKick and since he's been identified.

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  10. We should be ready for Garland (Gawd, we dodged a bullet when Cocaine Mitch discovered a residual spine and kept that hyper-hack from SCOTUS) to file file a Civil Rights case against Rittenhouse. The outrage and derision should be loud and long.

  11. A WIN for actual justice! And a poke in the eye with a sharp stick for the MSM!

  12. Wondering about the win...

    Rittenhouse was extremely fortunate, as his encounters were continuously observed by credible witnesses and most importantly, videoed with extreme clarity. Most SD situations couldn't hope to have a twentieth of that quality evidence.

    It was obviously an open and shut case. And yet, the full force of the State was thrown against him. Rittenhouse was indicted, jailed, held for a bail amount that could only be called abusive, prosecuted by the best available who employed underhanded, illegal tactics, evidence tampering and outright lies. Despite the all the exculpatory evidence, it was a near run thing: what should have been a in and out deliberation dragged on for 4 1/2 days.

    The effect on Self-Defense is chilling.

    I had long-ago decided my SD efforts would be limited to me and mine. Everyone else must necessarily go hang. Rittenhouse reinforced that opinion to an extreme degree.

  13. Don't forget to include pressing charges against Maurice Freeland, aka, "Jump Kick Man" who kicked K.R. in the head--a class three felony.
    I am not outing Freeland, he came forward as reported in this article at the guardian:

  14. I saw a post from Gun Owners of America that they were sending KR an AR free.