Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Mustn't underestimate the sensory powers of the dog

So as I was turning off the lights prior to going to bed, Lagniappe came in the kitchen and looked longingly at his biscuit box. So I reached in and got one, and he began to get all antsy, anticipating the treat.

Naturally I couldn't resist, so I started teasing him with it, waving it past his face just out or reach while he tried unsuccessfully to grab for it.

This is usually fun, if not for him then at least for me.

But he started getting pushier and really pressing for the treat, so I reached over and hit the light switch, turning off the last light and plunging the kitchen into nearly total darkness.

"Now what ya gonna do, dog?" I taunted. "You can't see it!"

Alas, I forgot that he could still smell it.
Almost immediately, something clamped down on the biscuit AND on my fingers!

The more I think about it, the more I think that he did that on purpose.

Stupid dog...


  1. It is not wise to play " chicken" or in your case " biscuit" with a dog with large teeth :)

  2. You dumbass;) That's what you get for teasing him!


  3. Anonymous3:20 PM


  4. Stupid pet owner tricks!

  5. I think it might have been a Floor to Dog treat interface error :)

  6. lol. Stupid dog? I could comment on who was stupid in that moment..but I won't! ;)