Monday, February 09, 2009

What is wrong with this picture?

According to this story from Washington State, three women presented another woman to the Border Patrol as a possible illegal alien in need of deportation, but instead of deportation, the suspected illegal was allowed to leave without her status being checked and the three women are now facing possible charges.
BELLINGHAM, Wash. — Three women believed a 28-year-old woman was having an affair with one of their boyfriends and came up with a plan to get rid of her by having her deported.

A Bellingham police spokesman, Lt. Steve Felmley, said two of the women shoved the victim in a car Friday and took her to a Border Patrol station.

A Border Patrol agent, Michael Bermudez, on Monday said they took no one into custody and called police to deal with the women. The police spokesman said they don't ask crime victims whether they are in the country legally, so the 28-year-old is free.

Meanwhile, the three women are being investigated for unlawful imprisonment.

Felmley said, "I don't think this plan is working out the way they thought it would."
Now ok, I'll grant you that snatching people up and detaining them is technically wrong, but when the subject of such a snatch is an illegal alien and when they're being grabbed for the purpose of surrendering them to the lawful authorities, I don't see a real bad thing happening here. And there's no way that she should have been able to walk away from the Border Patrol station if she was illegally here, and if she was illegally here, then the three women who brought her in deserve a medal, not criminal charges, IMHO.

This is almost as bad as the case down in Arizona where an American ranch owner named Roger Barnett is now being sued in an American court by Mexicans illegally in our country because he scared them with a dog when he detained them for being on his land after they illegally entered our country.

Again, this man deserves a medal and these illegals need to do some time in a US jail for illegal entry before being deported right along with their MALDEF lawyer scum. There's no way that he should be paying out money to lawyers or worrying about losing his property and life savings to a bunch or criminal scum who aren't even supposed to be in our country.

Our immigration system isn't just broken any it seems to be running backwards!


  1. Sadly most thing are like that these days.

    The criminals over here in the UK seem to have more rights than their victims or even the police at times.

    Its ridiculous.....

  2. Anonymous10:05 PM

    It is madening to say the least.

  3. Umm, if she was here illegally, how could they have imprisoned her unlawfully? Any person can make an arrest.