Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Dolla dead?

And who really cares?

Apparently another so-called "rapper" was shot today. This time it was some punk from Atlanta who decided to go to Beverly Hills, California. "Dolla"--real name Roderick Burton--came up with memorable raps like "Who The Fuck Is That?", "I'm Fucked Up" and Good Pussy". His loss will be...
Well let's be honest--it'll hardly be noticed at all.

This is what we call a "misdemeanor homicide". It's one where the value of the victim was worth less than $300.

I'll save my sympathy for young men who stay in school, get and keep jobs, and stay off of drugs and booze and otherwise out of trouble but get killed for no real reason, usually by some drope-smoking, career-criminal knucklehead who thinks that "Dolla" and others like him set the standard for what the youth of today should try to be like.

And I'll remind Dolla's fan base and peers that no one ever got shot (or arrested) for singing too loud in the church choir or living an honest, respectable life.


  1. Misdemeanor Homicide...best line ever. :-)
    See you can take the boy out of the "hood" but not the "hood" out of the boy. Even after being handed money and fame for his no talent ass, not even that was enough for him to avoid screwing a good thing it up. Like they say: You just can't teach an old loser new tricks..

  2. Anonymous1:44 AM

    Was it at the Dolla Store? Cause we know everything there is below 99 cents. Oh, me bad, isn't there a rapper who is 50 cent that cornered the market on the Dolla Stores??? Stop the Insanity!

  3. I'm with MTBLaura.. "Misdemeanor Homicide" That is hilarious!!
    As for him, his ilk and his death, it's just another of another of another....

  4. "Misdemeanor Homicide"?!

    God forgive me, I like that - and may have to steal it from you.

  5. Take it with my blessing, BigexBear. How've YOU been?

  6. Thanx, Me. I been all right, not commenting much but been lurking through my newsreader. I ain't looking to lose my flaming left-wing cred, but this post was too funny to keep quiet.

  7. Hell, left-wingers are always welcome here. Lagniappe and I are all about diversity, admitted editorial bias notwithstanding. ;-)

  8. "Dolla"? Really?? Hmmm, from the quality of his product, I'd say he was over-priced. :)

  9. Anonymous1:46 PM

    I will not miss this drit bag either.

  10. Anonymous2:02 AM

    You're naive. People get arrested all the time whilst living an honest, respectable (and law-abiding) life.

    If you don't believe that, do your own research. R

    Reality on reality's terms!! That's what society needs.

  11. Really? Show me some of these mysterious people who have been arrested for just doing nothing at all. This claim isn't even worth my calling "BS!" on it.

  12. Who?!? lol. What a stupid name. Seriously....I do not get rap music. The lyrics and the lifestyle are 100% about drugs, gangs, killing people, rapes, murders, etc. How is it supposed to be "good" for our children? *sigh* No loss to this world if another rapper is killed.