Thursday, May 07, 2009

A new character joins the Sesame Street cast

Well imagine my surprise yesterday to read that the PBS children's show Sesame Street got a new character.

'Sesame Street' Visit Thrills First Lady

NEW YORK (May 6) -- Inauguration Day? Nope. First puppy? Negative. Triumphal tour of Europe? Not even. First lady Michelle Obama called her appearance Tuesday on "Sesame Street" probably the best thing she's done since arriving in the White House.

So here's today's quiz, just for you sesame Street fans.

Which Sesame Street character twice said “for the first time in my adult life, I’m actually proud of America.”?

Was it:

1. Big Bird
2. Grover
3. Oscar the Grouch
4. Michelle Obama


Which Sesame Street character used their spouses’ influence to get a unique job at a premier hospital that paid over $62,000 a year, didn't require the character to even show up, and was so vital to that hospital that they eliminated the position as soon as the character left?

Was it:

1. Bert
2. Ernie
3. Mr. Hooper
4. Michelle Obama


Which Sesame Street character authored a poorly-written thesis at Princeton that was “full of paranoid claims and overtly racist feelings” and managed to have it restricted from public view until after the recent Presidential primary election?

Was it:

1. Cookie Monster
2. Elmo
3. Kermit the Frog
4. Michelle Obama


Yeah, this new character's going to fit in there just fine.


  1. Hmm... "Best thing she's done since arriving at the White House"... Yeah, I'm not going there.. It's too easy..
    As for employment, he never had a real job in his life, why would she? We all knew she was racist (nuts to the people who believe blacks can't be racist). We all knew they were simply political climbers. And a few of us had the good sense to keep our souls and not vote for him..
    But, we have to endure for 3.7 more years.. Sigh.. Well, we've made it through some other doosies, maybe we'll make it through this one, too..

  2. ya know, quotes like that, from "characters" like her ... well, I'm pretty sure my IQ drops a bit every time I read them .. and I feel a desperate need to bang my head against the wall until I concuss.

    Is is 2012 yet?

  3. Now, that's more like it. Glad to have you back writing again. Although you could have added maybe a line or two about Lagniappe, just for good measure :-)

    As far as that piece of garbage Michelle, she'll always be a two faced ghetto trash snob no matter what her husband does for a living. She's a pathetic disgrace to all the former classy first ladies of the white house who knew what the responsibility of their role entailed. Who the hell gives the Queen of England an Ipod and a hug when they meet the FIRST time? Oh right, she's the wife of the same jackass who bowed to the Saudi king. Good grief.

  4. Laura, I SWEAR the lack of blogging is not my fault! LOL

    Lagniappe actually squealed and whined with delight last night when he saw me. He ran up to my car, I opened the door and he nuzzled and squeaked. It was cute!!! I think he's starting to like me and not feel displaced.

    Or... he may be planning my demise.

  5. Lagniappe planning your demise? LOL, Nah, he seems like a sweet dog.

    PSSST...Just to be safe, I'd keep an eye on him and check his fur for brake fluid or oil paw prints and be on the lookout for random Craftsman tools hidden in with his stuffed know...just in case.

    I've heard German shephards are VERY clever.

  6. Michelle Obama. I despise her just as much as I despise her muslim nonAmerican husband.

  7. Wow, I had no idea Kermit was a racist. I wonder how he wrote the thesis with his webbed fingers. Must make it a bitch to type.

    Because we all know Michelle Obama CAN'T be a racist. Nooooooo. She is, after all, the First Lady...

    And black...

    I have never seen Kermit's thesis, but I would imagine it talks up Porcine / Amphibian interspecies breeding, while at the same time decrying the links between Hairy vs. Non-Hairy monsters and childhood obesity.

    That little green toad always was a clever bastard...

  8. Anonymous3:15 PM

    This is freaking hilarious! Scary because it's true, but freaking hilarious! Btw, I found it because I had to do a google search about Sesame Street Cast 2009 because my niece came running into the kitchen today and told my sis-in-law that "Uncle Nick is on TV!" Nick is my husband and my niece was watching Sesame Street. ... Anyway, this post is hilarious. And scary. And I guess I have to be anonymous because I'm not here on Google, but you can call me Krissa.