Sunday, July 26, 2009

Sometimes I think I spoil these deer.

Wasn't it enough that I put out corn every now and again? Now it looks like I'm running a deer Bed and Breakfast.

This particular doe has been hanging around here fairly regularly recently. She just lays in the shade about 30 feet from the house and waits for me to put more corn out. When I do, she gets up, saunters down to eat it, and then returns to her little den there. She doesn't even bother getting up when I walk outside now.

Something tells me that I'd better make sure that she never sees where I hide the spare key to the door or I'm liable to come home and find her in the guest room one of these days.


  1. Oh great, socialism has now made its way to the animal kingdom too. ;-) Just kidding.

    What a beautiful little deer albeit a lazy one :-).
    I guess the lure of free corn is worth more than the potential wrath of Lagniappe.

  2. Lagniappe doesn't care about the deer. Now if that was a cat, he'd be going batshit insane. But he accepts the deer and pays them no mind at all.

  3. Yes, they taste lovely.. But having deer roaming without a care in your yard is just terribly, terribly peaceful... :):):)

  4. cute! Maybe one day she will actually eat it out of your hand or even let you pet her. :)