Tuesday, October 06, 2009

when guns are outlawed, only felonious friends of Democrats will have guns

"Do as we say, not as we do" Example #647.

With our gun rights constantly under assault by Democrats (joined by a few traitorous Republicans), it's interesting to say the least that there is at least one group of people--other then themselves--who the Democrats seem to want to keep armed: drug-dealers with felony records.

Yep. In Delaware County, Pennsylvania, police were called to a rental car agency when employees there found a gun in a rental car that had been returned. Police determined that the car had been brought back by a guy named Andrew Cuff, and they discovered that Cuff was a convicted violent felon who was not allowed to own guns. They raided a garage of his and found more guns, narcotics, and $27,000 cash.

Normally this would not be very noteworthy, except that the gun in the rental car had been bought by and was registered to Edna Stockley, a Darby Borough Councilwoman and member of the Democratic Party. Police also found paperwork in her name for another gun, and when asked where it was, she first stated that it was in Cuff's garage, but then brought it into the police station herself.
Darby Borough, already ravaged by gun violence, was rocked yesterday by news that a convicted felon may have been in possession of handguns registered to borough Councilwoman Edna Stockley.

Andrew Cuff, 52, who has aggravated assault and firearms convictions, was arrested yesterday after police had searched his Mulberry Street garage last week and found two shotguns, drugs and $27,000 in cash.

But they also discovered gun paperwork - filled out by Stockley - for two 9mm pistols, said Darby police Chief Robert Smythe.

One of those guns was found last week under the driver's seat of a car that Cuff had returned to Enterprise Rent-A-Car in Philadelphia, Smythe said. Cuff's criminal record prohibits him from possessing a firearm.

The company turned the gun over to investigators from Philadelphia's gun-violence task force, who determined that it belonged to Stockley. She told investigators that it fell out of her purse when she was in the rental car with Cuff, Smythe said.

When asked about a second 9mm she owned, Stockley first said it was in Cuff's garage, but later brought it to police and said her brother – a borough constable – had it, according to Smythe.

Smythe said his department is not investigating Stockley because it would be a conflict of interest. He said that the case was turned over to the state Attorney General's Office. But the attorney general's spokesman, Kevin Harley, said last night that his office is not investigating Stockley.

Stockley, a Democrat elected in 2007, did not return a message left on her cell phone yesterday.

Paula Brown, Darby's former mayor and Stockley's political ally, denied Smythe's claim that Cuff is Stockley's boyfriend and accused Darby police of targeting Stockley because she has been critical of the department's payroll practices.

Smythe said politics played no role in the investigation.

"At some point in time," Smythe said, "she has to explain why she doesn't have the guns that are registered to her."
Stockley has been interviewed by the police several times, and she keeps giving inconsistent stories when asked to explain how her gun wound up beneath the seat of this drug dealer's car. She's also now blaming the police and her political opponents for the release of this story, again without explaining how this gun and possibly one other that was bought by and registered to her wound up in the possession of this criminal that she's apparently shacking up with.

The question now is what will the state Attorney General's, office do about this? This is a state well-known for tolerance of corruption by elected officials. But you can help by e-mailing Attorney General Tom Corbett's office at this link and voicing your support for a proper investigation and full public disclosure.

Personally I tire of Democrats telling us that we have to give up OUR guns in the name of public safety, all the while die-hard gun-banners like Senators Chuck Schumer (D-NY)and Dianne Feinstein (D-CA)own handguns and have permits to carry them, or have bodyguards armed with submachine guns like the late Senator Ted Kennedy (D-Chappaquiddick) did. Now we have a Democrat going into gun stores and buying multiple pistols then giving them to a drug dealer and convicted violent felon, all the while undoubtedly waiting for her chance to vote out of existence your guns and mine if given the chance.

In a related story, we now have a bill that has been passed in California which will end the ability of anyone in that state to order ammunition via the internet, phone or mail and have it delivered by UPS like the rest of us do. This bill, AB 962, now sits on the Governator's desk awaiting his signature or veto (or becoming law automatically if he does neither.) If it becomes law, I wonder how many Democrats will violate it either by using their political connections to get ammunition for their own guns or by selling or otherwise transferring ammunition to their felon or illegal alien friends and supporters. It is California, after all, and Democrats aren't exactly known for abiding by the laws that they impose on the rest of us.

EDIT: I had previously identified A.G. Tom Corbett as a Democrat, but a commenter pointed out that I was misinformed. I checked, and shame on me--I was. My apologies to Mr. Corbett.


  1. Anonymous9:02 PM

    These people should be locked up. But sadly it is likely they will not be.

  2. If this had been a Republican councilwoman, she would have been charged and thrown into jail. But since she is a Democrat, all she is getting is a rug-sweeping slap on the wrist. How pathetic!!!

  3. Anonymous10:15 AM

    Tom Corbett is not a Democrat.

  4. Whoops! You're right. Mr. Corbett is NOT A Democrat. My error. Correction made. Thank you.