Saturday, October 03, 2009

If we legalize it, we can have even more whacked-out naked drug dealers running around.

Ironic, isn't it? One of the larger and more persistent groups of potheads demanding that we repeal the laws against marijuana and other drugs (laws that they don't obey anyway) is the Colorado college student community (Parents, remember this when your kid says that he or she wants to go to school in Colorado.) and the unwashed hippie crowd that hangs around on it's fringes, so it's interesting that this stunning display of a pothead in action--and not just any pothead but a supplier to other potheads under the "legal for medical purposes" ficton--comes to us from Colorado.
While Greeley and other cities debate medical marijuana, a bizarre case east of Greeley last weekend may fuel arguments about the issue.

The incident took place last Friday near Dearfield on U.S. 34, about 30 miles east of Greeley. According to arrest reports, a naked man hit and damaged vehicles, walked over the top of one car and spit on a state trooper.

The suspect, Dustin Robbins, 27, of Westminster, told sheriff's deputies he grows medical marijuana and sells it to people who have prescriptions for the drug.

The numerous charges to be filed against Robbins include five counts of indecent exposure, assault on a police officer, driving while under the influence of marijuana, two counts of harassment and reckless driving.

The incident began about 5 p.m. Friday, when Robbins was driving west on the highway and a witness reported his car was swerving into the path of oncoming vehicles, then swerving back out of the way.

When Robbins stopped his car and got out, a witness said he was shirtless and his pants were down around his ankles. He pulled his pants completely off, then stood naked in the middle of the highway, cursing at passing cars and hitting some of them with his fists.

This created a traffic jam, according to witnesses. Two Greeley women in their 70s and 80s later told deputies that a naked man ran at their car, jumped on the hood and broke the windows with his fists and feet, then walked over the roof, down over the trunk and ran away. Damage to the car was estimated at $1,200.

When the drivers called police, the first to arrive was a Colorado State Patrol trooper, who arrested Robbins. It was then that Robbins spit in the trooper's face, according to reports. That resulted in the assault charge.

Deputies who searched Robbins' car said they found 4 ounces of marijuana and a notebook containing certificates for medicinal marijuana. The notebook listed Robbins as the “caretaker” for his customers, who had prescriptions for medicinal marijuana. Deputies did not find a license for dispensing medicinal marijuana.

A test of Robbins' blood at the hospital indicated he was under the influence of marijuana. He remains in the Weld County Jail with a bond set at $50,000.
So Dustin the drug dealer wigs out, and shows us several things wrong with the whole "drugs should be legal, dude" argument.

First we have that fact that typical "medical marijuana" users in places where it has been legalized by gullible voters seems to be mainly young males in their twenties who have no significant medical history aside from some questionable "skateboarding injury" that they claim left them with permanent pain that can't be cured with by treatment except smoking lots of marijuana. It's not old people suffering from terminal cancer or anything like the proponents claimed it was to be legalized to treat--no, it's now being prescribed almost exclusively to otherwise able-bodies young people who--surprisingly--all smoked tons of weed before showing up at the offices of one of a number of doctors who are known in the doper community to give out prescriptions for weed to anyone who asks. The ones that I've met or otherwise observed all seem to do just fine in day to day life. They ride bikes or skateboards, drive cars, some even hold down the sort of dead-end jobs that potheads typically work. In short, they rarely exhibit any of that "severe pain" that they claim to be living with every day...unless someone questions their drug use, that is. Even high school students are using it as an excuse to bring dope to school. It's a scam and a fraud and it's obvious to most people these days.

That aside, even if it weren't a fraud and the only ones authorized to buy and smoke this recreational drug legally were people with actual terminal pain-management issues, we'd still be looking at a situation where people who need the drug have to get it from people like Dustin here--people who aren't otherwise trustworthy and who grow and sell an alleged "medicine" with no tests for purity or potency or safety whatsoever. That's like walking into a pharmacy to get heart medicine and buying unmarked pills from the pocket of some drunk in the parking lot instead of having a licensed pharmacist give you the exact dosage of a medicine that has been tested to ensure that it is both safe and effective and consistent from lot to lot. A so-called "medical treatment" that relies on whatever someone like Dustin carries around in baggies in his socks or down his pants can't be credibly claim any shred of legitimacy.

So I think that it's time that we either put an end to this charade of "medical marijuana" once and for all or institute real controls over who can get it and where they can get it from.
In every state that has agreed to legalize it, the doper community has trotted out the same dozen or so "professional patients" who are supposedly suffering from terminal cases of whatever. They get up and tearfully describe their pain and talk about how no real medicine or treatment makes it go away but weed makes them feel better, and when the legislators or voters agree to make it legal to help these pathetic sideshow phonies, suddenly every third burnout under the age of thirty shows up at a doctor's office claiming to have fallen down or been in a car accident and insisting that the doctor give them what is really nothing more than a hall pass allowing them to possess and smoke as much marijuana as they choose, whenever they choose to smoke it. Drug use goes up, and people like Dustin profit.

So let's end the scam and repeal the laws that allow marijuana for medical use. It's nothing more than a dishonest effort to circumvent laws that the potheads have no intention of obeying anyway, so really all they want us to do is exempt them from the penalties that go along with their choice to break the law. That I can't agree with. We live in a great country that we all govern collectively, and it was set up to allow us to make our own laws, and change them or repeal them if we didn't like them. That said, we can obey the laws, or we can change the laws, but if we start allowing people to just ignore the laws, or dishonestly circumvent them, then it undermines the entire foundation that our legal system is based upon.

So in the name of honesty, and to preserve the integrity of our representative democracy, let's get back to banning the drug for everyone until our society agrees to make it legal for everyone.


  1. Anonymous12:10 PM

    This sounds more like he was on PCP. He used his fist to break another driver's car window, all while he was naked. Another article said they tested him and found marijuana in his system. Well did they check him for PCP and embalming fluid? Because that sounds like the type of stuff he was smoking to feel super human and psychotic. He could have smoked weed also, but it was not weed alone that caused this behavior.

    Being stoned only, you would not want to get out of your warm car naked, that would just sound like a dumb idea. Even a drunk person would think twice. No, this guy was on something...

  2. I'm sure that he was on something else. But whether it was another illegal substance that he took deliberately or something that his weed was adulterated with, it underscores my point that people like him should not be allowed anywhere near the so-called "pharmacological marijuana" racket, and any weed authorized for actual legitimate marijuana-needing patients--assuming that some of those can actually be found--needs to be tested and lab-approved, just like real pain-relief drugs are. Until the crazies and the criminals are separated, or "weeded out", if you will, and the drug is brought up to actual quality-control standards and dispensed only to those with a genuine need, not just a desire to get stoned, then it'll only be a sham and I'll continue to advocate for increased federal prosecution of users and dealers even in states that gave it the ok.

  3. Wow....and why is it people still claim that marijuana is harmless!?! This right here proves otherwise. Yet you will never hear the liberal media mention this, I am quite certain.

  4. " Being stoned only, you would not want to get out of your warm car naked, that would just sound like a dumb idea. Even a drunk person would think twice. No, this guy was on something... "

    And what VAST base of knowledge and experience do you make this baseless claim on ??

    Drunken and "intoxicated " idiots have done absolutely CRAXY things while under the influence and I'll put my 23 + years as a Police Officer on the line to back that statement up.

  5. Anonymous8:55 PM

    This is another reason they call it dope.

  6. "So in the name of honesty, and to preserve the integrity of our representative democracy, let's get back to banning the drug for everyone until our society agrees to make it legal for everyone." I wish your naive observations of the way the population of the United States uses marijuana was somewhere close to the way it actually exists. However, your leaving out a major factor in your argument. People who smoke pot will smoke it whether they get it legally or from a Columbian drug lord. Your state is in desperate need of tighter regulations. As it pertains to this case, a system that is more closely monitored may have dissuaded this gentleman from his lude behavior. Example: Growers must be licensed from the state who monitor the growing standards, then test the final product, then seal the product (if seal is broken it can't be sold medicinally). Patients: must be registered by a licensed physicians who must be constantly monitored by the state to keep the "quacks" from dispensing for any ailment. Then you will have some resemblence of control beyond legalization - if you don't think your state is ready for total legalization. However, my point is.... people who are consuming marijuana will continue to do so. You can rant and rave all you want, but those who wish to smoke wil. It is up to you to either regulate or have a system for complete control of distribution of marijuana. Otherwise please don't complain. It sounds like your pants are too tight.

  7. You should try to get your facts straight before spewing out all of this rhetoric. The average age of a medical marijuana smoker in CO is 41 not 24. People who are pot smokers, recreational or medical, would not behave like this unless there was some sort of underlying mental health condition. Pot makes you hungry and lazy, not crazy. And your argument that this one lone act is reason to make all use illegal again is certainly stretching it. Should we make alcohol illegal since it will KILL 30,000 Americans this year? It's all about personal responsibility when it comes to drinking and the law, and should be with marijuana as well. There are outliers in every situation, and this is most definitely one of them.

  8. One thing that is commonly forgotten, is that marijuana is still an illegal substance by FEDERAL LAW.

    The Constitution allows States and municipalities to enact MORE RESTRICTIVE laws, but not LESS RESTRICTIVE laws.

    If the feds say you CAN do something, the States can say you CAN'T. But if the feds say you CAN'T do something (i.e. smoking weed), the States cannot say you CAN.

    That's why I still confiscate the weed for destruction, I still cite for weed in a motor vehicle, and I still arrest for dry DUI.

    If someone could GENUINELY convince me they had some problem only weed could cure, maybe I'd go with it. But so far, it has only been your aforementioned twenty-something loser with an easily aggravated injury to their finger from rolling too many blunts.

  9. Dobie, do you really think that the average burnout will keep buying weed if the penalty for mere possession was 90 days on a Joe Arpaio-style work camp in the desert? Because harsh penalties deter the average person from committing average crimes, and if dope-heads are so fixated on getting high that they'll risk three months of digging holes and filling them in and sleeping in tents behind barbed wire, well that's just another reason to ban it.

    Oh, and Aaron? You still haven't made a case showing that any pot user is anything but a drag on society. "Hungry and lazy"? couple that with "unable to hold any sort of decent job" and you've got a recipe for a society that no one worth a damn really wants.

  10. I realize this is a touchy subject but I don't believe marijuana should be legalized. I have friends that say it should be taxed and regulated. Others say it should be dispensed in pill form with the TCH(?) part of it removed(the part of it that gets you high). Even if it is regulated, it can still be grown in it's natural state and we will still have the same problems we have with it now as was mentioned in the post.

    Officer Smith brought out a good point, is there a medical condition that only weed can cure? Is marijuana the only route we can go? I suffer from chronic pain. I'm always looking for healthy natural pain remedies that, among others, includes diet and exercise. The argument that they need it for every little ache and pain because they suffer from a chronic condition, doesn't sound legitimate. There are other ways to deal with pain, even chronic pain.

    Good post. You brought up some good points to consider.

  11. I agree with Aaron.