Monday, October 26, 2009

Why the Republican Party will be kissing my ass in 2010.

Because they do stupid stuff like backing Dede Scozzafava in a special election for the solid Republican seat in New York's 23rd Congressional District, the seat held until recently by John McHugh, a Republican who is leaving to become Secretary of the Army.

The seat is now open and a new representative must be chosen. In this district, the GOP generally has no chance of losing no matter who they put up. But rather than back a conservative, the GOP got behind a RINO State Assemblywoman named Dede Scozzafava who votes to the left of many of the state's liberal Democrats.

I won't go deep into the history of this nightmarish woman. Michelle Malkin is doing a fantastic job here already, detailing Scozzafava's ties to ACORN, support for abortion and unions, including the infamous card-check legislation that Dems love...even her apparent corruption and siphoning of campaign funds to sham businesses run by family and friends. She's everything that we conservatives hate in the most liberal of Democrats, and here she is, running under the GOP banner with the full backing of once-credible "conservatives" like Newt Gingrich.

This article by Warner Todd Huston
spells it out quite well, too. Dede Scozzafava must withdraw, and the GOP needs to join the rest of us conservatives behind Doug Hoffman, who now has to run as a third-party candidate under the banner of the New York State Conservative Party because Scozzafava won't relinquish the GOP seat. Hoffman already has the support of solid conservatives such as Sarah Palin, Tim Pawlenty, Fred Thompson and Gary Bauer. The message is getting out, and it seems that everyone except the GOP leadership is receiving it. Hoffman's actually out-polling her now, but she could still serve as a spoiler and toss this seat to the Dems unless she backs out or Hoffman can win big.

I support Doug Hoffman. Lagniappe would too if he could vote. Please join us by sending Hoffman a donation and by letting the GOP and Mr. Gingrich know that if they go liberal on us this year, they can go it alone in 2010.

Read Doug Hoffman's editorial in the New York Post. He's one of us. Send him a few dollars and poke both Obama and the GOP in the eye.


  1. I totally agree - and I also wonder why McHugh is leaving *now* to become Secty. of the Army, right at a time when Obama is about to throw the Army under the bus in Afghanistan. He sounds like a prize too, at least possibly a RINO chuckle-head who thinks his new appointment will amount to something besides more cocktail party invitations. But I don't know him, he's on the other coast.

  2. Newt Gingrich totally lost me on this one.

  3. The Republican party is becoming more and more " distant " from it's original conservative core values and roots.

    I will no longer vote along party lines simply because I am a Republican. The BEST , CONSERVATIVE , GOOD , SOLID , GOD LOVING, GUN SUPPORTING , FAMILY FIRST candidate is likely to start getting my vote.

  4. I agree with mcsap but am finding it more and more difficult to to find candidates that adhere to even part of that criteria.. Someone asked me once why I was voting for a particular person.. I said it was his stance on guns.. They accused me of being a 'one issue' voter.. I countered that it was because no one running supported all of my 'issues'...
    You have to pick and choose sometimes.. Lessor of two evils and all that..

  5. I am running as an "independent Republican" against whoever wins the Republican primary in 2010. I finally saw last year, that the party just isn't going to stay right, when the leadership is hell-bent on keeping the status quo. As Conservative Americans we must convince our "party-first" brethren to be Americans first, honor our Constitution over party power plays, and then go out and take a stand for whats right.

  6. I told Gingrich to kiss my ass when he claimed that no "reasonable" conservative would turn away from McCain in the face of the alternative. As if that illegal alien ass kissing, envirowacko cap and tax supporting ACORN ass-licker would have been such a good option!

    Please! The GOP sticks us with these repugnant losers and expects us to reward them with our vote, merely because they have an R behind their name.

    THIS is why we have festering twats like Scuzzyfuzzy in NY! Because the GOP thinks you'll vote R regardless.

    Time to show them that you won't support them any longer - not with jackasses like Gingrich kissing up to Al Sharpton and other revolting scumbags and promoting leftist RINOs like McCain and this current dumbass.

  7. I know who I am NOT voting for, question remains WHO deserves the damn vote! I really dont want to waste it and not vote at all. There HAS to be someone out there who is going to step up to the plate who believes in this country, loves it and will work for the people to put things right. This woman isnt the answer neither is the Rep Party at this point they are just as deaf to the people as the Dem party.

  8. You tell 'em, Nicki!!! :)

  9. Anonymous7:46 PM

    The GOP has forgot the lessons of Ronald Reagan

  10. Folks, the problem is *not* our politicians. Our politicians are only a symptom.

    The fact of the matter is that our politicians, both Democrat and Republican are indeed "listening to the people".

    The problem is that we now have too many people in this country who have replaced free-dom with free-stuff.

  11. I just saw on Drudge that she has withdrawn from the race telling her base to support Hoffman.

  12. totally off subject but..Hows that lovely dog of yours? give him a kiss and cuddle for me.

    The Bird.

    ps, should be interesting to see over the next few days hwo the voters go in NY and VA