Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Happy Dog

Sometimes I really go against my best interests. Today was one of those days. I bought another one if these infernal things:It's a plushie hedgehog from Petsmart. It squeaks and grunts when squeezed--noises that just drive me to drink, especially when I hear them non-stop for days.

So why did I buy one, you ask? Because this guy loves them more than breathing. Just look at his face when he saw me holding it. This was, of course, taken just a second before he leaped up and grabbed it. He knew that it was his, just like the previous two hedgehogs that he loved and played with and slept with and carried around constantly, tossing them and squeezing them until finally the squeakers broke, and then loving them all the more in their silence until finally they just fell apart. Happiness, for Lagniappe, is measured in hedgehogs. And he's now a happy, happy dog.

So now I have to endure the squeaking and the grunting, as well as having this toy trust into my lap--or my face--every time I lay on the couch. You see, this toy was meant to fly, at least in Lagniappe's mind, so it's constantly forced upon me or anyone else who might possibly throw it for him, allowing him to chase it, catch it, squeak it, and bring it back to be thrown again...and again...and again...and again.

Of course, as you can tell by his pose here, if he doesn't hand it to you to throw, you're not allowed to touch it. It is his, after all. One of the few things that he can actually claim ownership and control over. And he guards it zealously.

But this display of K9 mania aside, he's my buddy. And if all it takes is this hedgehog to make him happy and content, then the least I can do is shell out seven bucks or so every few months to buy him one.


  1. That first picture of Lagniappe reminds me of our dog. He liked squeakers too. But his absolute favorite was a tennis ball. He went nuts over them. Even just the smell of them, which I use to torture him over by opening a can of balls and shaking them.

    Fun times.

  2. Lagniappe's predecessor, Oliver, was so nuts over tennis balls that he'd actually run onto tennis courts and snatch game balls if he could.

  3. He's such a cutie!

  4. And some *people* don't like dogs... Who can't look at these pics and not love them?!?!
    And I know exactly why you bought it.. The same reason mine has a little rubber squeaker cat.. Because he loves it.. :):)

  5. You need to name the new hedgie! The kids and I are currently arguing over what we're going to name our real hedgehog when we get one. For some reason, they decided Howard Roark wasn't good enough! *sigh*

  6. Ah yes, queaky toys. Luckily I only have to endure that noise for a few days before with my Lab before the squeaker is broken.

    Isn't it funny how excited they get over a new toy, even if it's exactly the same as an old one?

    Beautiful Shepard. I miss mine.

  7. Kira has the same toy and she is nuts over it! Hers is a pink colored hedgehog, though. And from PetSmart. Which, if you even say the word "petsmart" she goes crazy!!! Whining, running around, hyperventilating. It really is cheap entertainmnet. lol. ;)