Tuesday, November 10, 2009

US Government caves again and writes check to deported foreign law-breakers

Many of you may have missed this story in the wake of the terrorist murders of our troops at Ft. Hood, but it was reported last week that we're actually paying cash money to a group of muslims who were deported for violating our country's laws after 9/11.
Five men who were detained and deported following the Sept. 11 attacks have reached a $1.26 million settlement with the U.S. government.

The men sued the government over the roundups that put them in federal detention and the abuse they say they suffered while they were there.

They were among more than 170 Arab and Muslim men jailed for immigration law violations at the Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn.

A 2003 Department of Justice report found "significant problems" with the treatment of detainees there, including physical abuse and mistreatment.

An attorney for the men said she hoped the settlement would deter the government from similar roundups in the future.

The Department of Justice did not immediately comment.
So let's recap this:
1. 170 men who were in violation of our immigration laws--the laws that they agreed to obey when they asked to come into our country--were rounded up after the 9/11 attacks and deported.

2. The men happened to be muslims (just like the terrorists who killed so many Americans on 9/11).

3. The men were held in detention because they challenged our right to deport them and under US law, they were entitled to their day in court. They could have just left voluntarily, but they refused to do so.

4. They were finally ordered deported based upon whatever violations of our immigration laws that they had committed. Once they were deported, five of them turned around, found some scum-sucking lawyers, and sued, claiming that they were not treated like rock stars while in detention.

5. Rather than stand up and fight this on principle and send a message to the other 165 criminal deportees and other future deportees, the Justice Department just sent the five criminals (and their scumsucking lawyers) big checks.

Am I the only one who has a problem with this? And does anyone think that if they were anything other than muslims (or possibly hispanic), this lawsuit would even have been brought, much less settled? But only in America do we allow criminals and foreigners to set up lobbying organizations and pressure OUR elected officials and government agencies, usually with great success and to our collective detriment. My question to you--especially in light of recent events--is "Why?"

And another story on this issue sheds a bit more light on the "innocence" of these deported muslims:
Ehab Elmaghraby, a detainee who made similar claims in another lawsuit, settled his portion of that case for $300,000. He was held at the center for almost a year, and was deported in 2003 after pleading guilty to credit card fraud.
So much for the claim that they only got deported because of their religious beliefs. But it's still an abomination that this guy comes into our country, commits fraud (and probably identity theft as well, since the two crimes almost always go together) and when caught, he just gets sent home and paid three hundred thousand dollars.

If that's how it's going to work, someone please tell me where I can get a set of robes and a koran, a fake ID and a few credit card applications?

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    This makes me mad beyond words.